Have You Seen This? Baby antelope turns on the jets to escape wolf

A black wolf chases a baby pronghorn in Lamar Valley, Yellowstone National Park, in this video posted April 28. (Yellowstone Twins via YouTube)

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YELLOWSTONE — There’s nothing unusual about running from a wolf. If one of those toothy predators started following me, you can bet that I’d run away at full speed.

But my “full speed” would probably look more like a hearty jog, and I’d run out of steam after 40 yards or so. Yeah, I’m not in the best of shape these days. And any wolf could catch me at their leisure.

Baby pronghorns, on the other hand, have an extra gear. Exhibit A for this theory is the following video:

For the first 15 seconds or so, it’s not clear what the wolf is pursuing. Then the speedy little pronghorn briefly comes into view. It’s not until the middle of the footage, however, that we get a wide view that allows us to see just how fast the baby is moving.

The video was posted by the Yellowstone Twins, a pair of Montana sisters who frequent the park and share videos of their wildlife encounters.

If you’re wondering what happened to the baby pronghorn, don’t fret. According to an update from the Yellowstone Twins in the video’s comment section, the wolf ultimately grew weary of the chase and “the baby pronghorn lived to see another day.”

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Have You Seen This? Baby antelope turns on the jets to escape wolf

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