Hair: four essential tips to keep it looking younger and healthier

A hair expert explained four essential techniques to keep hair thick, healthy and youthful. She promises that various oils are among the tricks to counteract your hair.

Taylor Rose is a hair expert with a huge following thanks to her expertise. The Los Angeles-based board-certified trichologist has “a passion for helping women grow their hair back.”

She has a whopping 1,000,000 followers on her TikTok account @thehealthyhur and a whopping 448,000 followers on her Instagram account @thehealthyhur.

She spoke exclusively to Express about how women can keep their hair looking younger with products, treatments and habits.

The key to keeping hair looking younger is keeping it looking healthy. To that end, Taylor first recommended “adhesion repair treatments like Olaplex & K18,” which she says “help maintain healthy, shiny hair.”

K18 claims to reverse hair damage in just four minutes. The brand’s full-size leave-in molecular repair hair mask costs $75, but it gets 4.6 stars out of 6,640 reviews.

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Weekly hair masks are essential for keeping hair looking healthy and youthful, says Taylor. She explained, “Weekly hair masks help hair lock in moisture and add shine.

“My favorite is Shea Moisture’s Strengthen and Restore line.”

In addition to specific bonding treatments and hair masks, Taylor says you could try “lightweight oils, such as jojoba oils, on the ends of the hair to keep hair looking shiny and young.”

Finally, it is important to get a regular haircut. Taylor said, “Trimming the hair every three months helps keep the ends healthy and fresh, leading to a younger, healthier look!”

Another hair expert recently explained how best to cover gray hair. Mandy is a licensed trichologist and an expert in hair health and scalp health.

She has a whopping 333,4k followers on her TikTok account @mandybthairapy, where she shares tips on how to take care of your hair and the best products to use.

Mandy said: “There is no magic ‘cure’ for gray hair yet! Science is always evolving and changing. With projects like CRISPR Genom Editing, there may be an opportunity to change this sequence in the DNA or the stem cells within.” the follicle to reverse or prevent gray hair.

“Unfortunately, we are still years away from this breakthrough in science. It’s not a solid science yet, so for now the best way to cover gray hair is hair coloring.”

Mandy advises, “Make sure your hairstylist has a thorough consultation with you and gives you the services you want, whether that’s full gray coverage or gray blending.”

Hair: four essential tips to keep it looking younger and healthier

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