Governor Hochul announces that more than 8,000 public safety professionals from New York State and beyond have completed training at the State Readiness Training Center in 2022

Governor Kathy Hochul announced today that the State Preparedness Training Center in Oriskany has trained more than 8,000 local, state and federal public safety professionals from various disciplines and agencies, including law enforcement, firefighters and emergency management, from across the New York state. and beyond in 2022. These students completed cutting-edge contemporary training throughout the year after a 16-month break from face-to-face training due to the pandemic. Operated by the State’s Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services, the Center provided training last year that helped prepare these professionals to deal with current and evolving threats, perform water rescues in a variety of conditions, and increase their knowledge in all aspects of the response. to emergencies.

“Public safety is my administration’s top priority, and the state’s world-class training facility in the Mohawk Valley works year-round to enhance response capabilities for thousands of New York first responders and emergency responders,” Governor Hochul said. “We will continue to open our doors at the SPTC throughout 2023 and beyond to any public safety agency – providing essential services and training that will help keep New Yorkers safe.”

Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services Commissioner Jackie Bray said: “Part of the Division’s core mission is to provide quality training for New York’s public safety and emergency management employees. New York’s risk profile is becoming more diverse every year, which means that security partners Our state’s public safety must be trained to respond to a wide variety of emergency scenarios. I encourage public safety professionals in New York to take advantage of all the courses SPTC offers in 2023.”

Following a visit to the newly expanded Capital Region Crime Analysis Center, one of 10 in a state-backed network in partnership with local law enforcement agencies, Governor Hochul yesterday detailed the comprehensive plan outlined in her state address to increase funding and support for public safety and law enforcement professionals. In her State of the State Address, Governor Hochul outlined two proposals to help volunteer firefighters increase recruitment and retention. She will propose legislation to allow communities to pay modest compensation to qualified volunteer firefighters, and will also create a state fund to cover some of the costs associated with basic firefighter training. The fund will also offset some of the wages volunteers lose when they miss work because they are being trained to serve their communities.

The State Preparedness Training Center (SPTC) offers state, local, and federal agencies a broad array of training locations and formats. From lectures and classroom discussions to high-performance, scenario-based exercises, the facility offers a full range of dynamic training opportunities. SPTC provides agencies with realistic training environments such as a simulated city, Swift Water/Flood rescue facility, pile of collapsed building debris, forest structures and other scenarios. Now in its 16th year of operation, the facility annually trains thousands of New York public safety partners, including, but not limited to, law enforcement, fire service, emergency medical services and emergency management personnel, in a variety of areas including active fire event response, crisis negotiation, and unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) operations.

Since the center opened in 2006, the state of New York has invested more than $40 million to create a world-class facility for training public safety officials. While training the New York public safety community is the training center’s top priority, first responders from across the US, Canada and other countries have participated in training at Oriskany.

In addition to conducting various courses throughout 2022, the State Preparedness Training Center hosted several large-scale training events, including:

  • Dog Week: More than 50 Canine Explosive Detection (EDC) teams from across the state participated in scenario-based training and a series of challenging skill tracks.
  • Raven’s Challenge: The State Preparedness Training Center hosted the ATF’s Raven’s Challenge exercise, which brought together more than 200 local, state, federal, and international pump technicians for a week of scenario-based training. This is the fourth time in the past seven years that the training center has hosted this prestigious event.
  • Tactical Week: State tactical teams, or SWAT teams, participated in a series of advanced scenarios during the week to test their capabilities. At the end of the event, the training center officials named a top team based on their performance during the week.
  • Public Safety Unmanned Aircraft Systems Summit: 160 local, state, and federal UAS stakeholders from across New York State attended this event to learn how to integrate this technology into their public safety missions, as well as to gain flight
  • Excelsior Challenge: Nearly 150 officers from over 50 different agencies participated in the training center’s main event. The annual exercise brings together bomb technicians, canine explosive detection teams and tactical teams in scenario training based on the current threat environment.

In 2022, DHSES also brought county public safety officials to the SPTC for a ‘TAM Team Summit’ to brief them on how to create threat assessment and management teams, as supported by Governor Hochul’s Executive Order 18 on “Preventing and respond to domestic terrorism threats.”

The training center also hosted nearly 50 college students for the “New York Hope” exercise for the third time. The exercise helps prepare students for potential careers in the fields of emergency management and homeland security. The four-day disaster response exercise trained students in leadership; teamwork and trust building; disaster response and medical operations; incident command system and interoperable communications and training of emergency services partner agencies.

In 2023, the State Preparedness Training Center will continue to expand the types of training provided at Oriskany, as well as the stakeholder groups involved in these efforts, to ensure New York State is prepared to address the evolving threat environment. The Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Services also continues to make progress in developing the training center’s facilities. Plans call for the construction of a new large auditorium to be used as a training venue, as well as to host major training events.

In addition to major events, the training center will host a wide range of courses for public safety officers. Visit the State Preparedness Training Center website for more information.

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Governor Hochul announces that more than 8,000 public safety professionals from New York State and beyond have completed training at the State Readiness Training Center in 2022

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