Global Wearable Electronic Skin Patches Market Report 2023-2033: Growing interest in continuous health monitoring and broader public health concerns bode well for the future of healthcare –

DUBLIN–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The “The Global Market for Wearable Electronic Skin Patches 2023-2033” report has been added to’s offer.

The market for wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers has boomed in recent years.

Global Wearable Electronic Skin Patches Market 2023-2033 provides an in-depth analysis of the Electronic Skin Patches market shaping the future of healthcare. With increasing interest in continuous health monitoring and broader public health concerns, daily health platforms are becoming increasingly important.

Although these devices are widely used for monitoring biological signals including heart rate, blood oxygen level and blood pressure, there are problems in providing accurate physiological information due to the lack of conformal contact with the skin during daily activities.

This has led to the development of electronic skin (e-skin) patches, which non-invasively register signals on the skin with conformal contact.

The product areas covered include skin patches for continuous glucose monitoring (CGN), skin patches for cardiovascular monitoring, temperature and respiratory rate monitoring, pregnancy and newborn monitoring, electrical stimulation skin patches, hydration and sweat-sensing skin patches, wound monitoring and care, motion detection, medical implants, sleep trackers, wearable RFID, robotics and wireless and self-sufficient skin patches.

Applications include:

  • Diagnostics from sweat and interstitial fluid.

  • Temperature, cardiovascular and hydration monitoring.

  • Cosmetic treatments with electrical stimulation.

  • Continuous glucose monitoring.

  • Removal of wrinkles via electrical stimulation.

  • Skin wound healing accelerated by ion currents that can activate electromigration of keratinocytes.

  • Iontophoretic drug delivery.

  • Ergonomic man-machine.

  • Motion sensing.

The content of the report includes:

  • Insights into how healthcare is being transformed with data collection and monitoring through wearable electronic skin patches.

  • Global electronic skin patch market revenue, by market, historical and forecast to 2033.

  • Analysis of electronic skin patches for disease prevention, clinical trials and treatment of chronic diseases

  • Opportunities and challenges

  • Overview of the future market for wearable electronic skin patches.

  • Profiles of 167 companies in the electronic skin patch market. Companies profiled include Amorepacific, AquilX, Biobeat Technologies Ltd., Epicore Biosystems Inc., Nutromics, Point Fit Technology, Samay, Vaxxas, Virility Medical, X-trodes and many more.

Key topics covered:


1.1 The development of electronics

1.2 The revolution of wearables

1.3 The wearable technology market in 2022

1.4 Portable market leaders

1.5 From rigid to flexible and stretchable

1.6 Flexible and stretchable electronics in wearables

1.7 Organic and printed electronics

1.8 Market drivers and trends

1.9 Advances in Wearable Healthcare Devices

1.10 Skin-Based Wearable Devices

1.11 Innovations at CES 2021

1.12 Innovations at CES 2022

1.13 Investment financing and acquisitions 2019-2022



3.1 Market drivers

3.2 Current state of the art within electronic skin patches

3.3 Portable products for medical equipment

3.4 Application of skin patches

3.4.1 Electronic skin sensors

3.4.2 Nanomaterial-based devices Graphene

3.4.3 Conductive hydrogels for soft and flexible electronics

3.4.4 Materials Summary of advanced materials

3.5 Market challenges


4.1 Temperature and respiratory rate monitoring

4.1.1 Market overview

4.1.2 Companies and products

4.2 Wearable and health monitoring and rehabilitation

4.2.1 Market overview

4.2.2 Companies and products

4.3 Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

4.3.1 Market overview

4.3.2 Minimally invasive CGM sensors

4.3.3 Non-invasive CGM sensors

4.4 Cardiovascular monitoring

4.4.1 Market overview

4.4.2 ECG sensors

4.4.3 PPG Sensors

4.5 Monitoring of pregnancy and newborns

4.6 Hydration sensors

4.7 Wearable sweat sensors (medical and sports)

4.8 Portable medicine delivery

4.9 Femtech Devices

4.10 Cosmetic skin blemishes

4.11 Smart wound care plasters

4.12 Smart diapers

4.13 Fitness trackers

4.14 Sleep trackers

4.14.1 Market overview

4.14.1 Market overview


5.1 Global market for wearables

5.2 Market share, broken down by product type



A selection of companies mentioned in this report include

  • 1 drop

  • Abbott Laboratories

  • AffordSENS Corporation

  • Aidar Health

  • AMF Medical

  • Amorepacific Corporation

  • AMSU (Shenzhen) New Technology CoLtd.

  • Anpoly, Inc.

  • AquilX, Inc.

  • Bando Chemical Industries, Ltd.

  • Bend Labs

  • Biobeat Technologies Ltd.

  • Biofourmis, Inc.

  • BioIntelliSense

  • Biolinq, Inc.

  • Bioritm Pte Ltd

  • BioSenseTek Corporation

  • BioSerenity SAS

  • BioTelemetry, Inc.

  • Biotricity

  • Bittium Corporation

  • BloomerTech

  • Blue Spark Technologies, Inc.

  • Cool diagnostics

  • Bonbouton

  • Borsam Biomedical Instruments Co., Ltd.

  • BrainStem Biometrics, Inc.

  • Brewer Science, Inc.

  • CardiacSense

  • CareWear Corporation

  • Cari Health, Inc.

  • Chronolife SAS

  • Cipher Skin

  • Cortrium APS

  • Cosine

  • Debiotech SA

  • Dexcom, Inc.

  • DiaMonTech AG

  • dorsaVi Ltd.

  • Eccrine Systems, Inc.

  • Ectosense

  • Element Science, Inc.

  • Embr Labs

  • Enfucell OY

  • EOFlow Co., Ltd.

  • Epicore Biosystems

  • Epi-Watch

  • Equivital

  • ERT (eResearchTechnology, Inc.)

  • Feel it

  • FinnAdvance

  • Fleming Medical

  • Flosonics Medical

  • Flow Bio

  • Fujita medical instruments

  • Gaugewear, Inc.

  • GE Healthcare

  • Repeat, Inc.

  • Glucovation

  • GluSense

  • GlySens Incorporated

  • Grapheal

  • GraphWear Technologies

  • greenTEG AG

  • G-Tech Medical

  • Healbe Corporation

  • Hivok Biotech, Inc.

  • Holst Center


  • IDUN Technologies AG

  • Indigo Diabetes n.v

  • Innova, Inc.

  • Insulet Corporation

  • IONIQ Skincare GmbH & CoKG

  • iRhythm Technologies, Inc.

  • Isansys Lifecare

  • i-SENS, Inc.

  • ivWatch, LLC

  • iWEECARE Co., Ltd.

  • Kenzen, Inc.

  • Know Labs

  • Kyocera Corporation

  • Laxmi Therapeutic Units

  • Leaf Healthcare, Inc.

  • Lief Therapeutics, Inc.

  • LifePlus

  • LifeSignals Group Inc.

  • Life

  • Liquid Wire, Inc.

  • Lucid Audio, LLC

  • MagArray, Inc.


  • MC10, Inc.

  • MCK Tech Co., Ltd

  • Medherant Ltd

  • MediBioSense Ltd.

  • Milo Sensors, Inc.

  • Mojo Vision, Inc.

  • Movano Inc.

  • Myant, Inc.

  • Nanoleq AG

  • NanoVation-GS

  • Nanowear, Inc.

  • Nemaura Medical, Inc.

  • neopen

  • Nippon Mektron, Ltd.

  • Nix biosensors

  • Right now

  • Nutromics

  • Omron Healthcare

  • Orpyx Medical Technologies

  • Pacific Diabetes Technologies

  • PARC

  • Patchd, Inc.

  • PKvitality

  • PMD solutions

  • Point Fit technology

  • Preventice Solutions, Inc.

  • Protxx, Inc.

  • Qardio, Inc.

  • QT Medical, Inc.

  • Quad Industries

  • Reflex

  • Bread Labs Limited

  • samay

  • Sanofi

  • Scaleo Medical

  • Seers Technology Co., Ltd.

  • Seismic

  • Senseonics Holdings, Inc.

  • Sensium (Surgical Company Group)

  • Sensory health

  • Seventh Sense Biosystems

  • Shinano Kenshi Co., Ltd.

  • Sigknow Biomedical Inc.

  • Singular Wings Medical Co., Ltd.

  • Skinos Co., Ltd.

  • SkyLabs

  • SmartCap technologies

  • SMARTR Health Limited

  • Sonceboz SA

  • Sorrel Medical

  • Spirit of Wonder Co., Ltd.

  • StretchSkin

  • Tekscan, Inc

  • Thync

  • Tivic Health Systems, Inc.

  • Touchlab

  • Ultrahuman

  • Valencell

  • Vaxxas

  • Verily Life Sciences LLC

  • Virility medical

  • Live LLC

  • VitalConnect

  • Vitls Inc

  • VivaLNK

  • WaveForm technologies

  • WBD101 Well Being Digital Ltd.

  • WearOptimo

  • Wellysis

  • West Pharmaceutical Services, Inc.

  • Xenoma, Inc.

  • Xsension

  • X-Trodes Ltd.

  • Zhuhai AdvanPro Technology Co., Ltd.

  • They live

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Global Wearable Electronic Skin Patches Market Report 2023-2033: Growing interest in continuous health monitoring and broader public health concerns bode well for the future of healthcare –

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