Global Medical Gloves Market: Trends, Size, Growth, Analysis and Forecasts 2022-2028

According to Research by Renub last report, “Medical Gloves Market, Global Forecast 2023-2027, Industry Trends, Growth, Inflation Impact, Opportunity Company Analysis” Global medical gloves market estimated to reach $19.30 billion per 2027. A medical glove is disposable and reusable and comprises examination gloves, surgical gloves and medical gloves for handling chemotherapeutic agents (chemotherapy gloves). The FDA controls these gloves as Class I proprietary medical devices that require a 510(k) premarket notification. The FDA reviews these devices to ensure that performance criteria such as leak resistance, tear resistance and biocompatibility are met. It is used during medical examinations and procedures to help prevent cross-contamination between healthcare professionals and patients and prevent the spread of illness or infection. Medical gloves are made from different polymers including latex, nitrile rubber, polyvinyl chloride and neoprene; they come powerless or powdered with cornstarch to lubricate the gloves, making them easier to put on your hands.

Due to the increasing occurrence of various chronic diseases, the significant progress related to medical gloves is expected to generate great growth opportunities in the market. The availability of an advanced range of medical gloves for treatment, examinations and surgical procedures contributes to the revenue of the medical gloves market. In developing countries, the prevalence rate of contagious diseases has been the main cause of mortality and morbidity. Growing demand for medical surgical procedures, especially cosmetic surgery, and China’s burgeoning medical tourism industry are driving the medical glove industry.

Medical gloves are personal protective equipment designed to prevent the spread of infection and contamination during patient examination and medical procedures. These gloves act as a barrier, protect against bacterial or fungal infections, and protect against dangerous chemicals. Furthermore, initiatives by various nations to increase healthcare spending and develop infrastructure have proven to be beneficial to the medical glove market. As a result, encouraging government initiatives to create awareness of safety and hygiene along with chronic disease conditions is expected to have a positive outcome.

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Sticky prices from various market players for gloves of the same quality have lowered market value among customers, hampering their adoption rate, especially in emerging markets. On the other hand, exposure to COVID-19 drives the demand for medical gloves for various healthcare operations. This comes from the adoption of competitive assessment strategies by various market players for customer acquisition.

COVID-19 has boosted the medical glove industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has particularly affected the medical glove industry as it has given rise to an unexpected increase in demand for medical supplies. As a result, the healthcare industry is generating huge demand for personal protective equipment (PPE), such as medical gloves, to protect patients and frontline healthcare workers from transmitting the virus during medical examinations and treatments. In addition, the expansion of the patient pool has resulted in a significant increase in the number of suppliers of these products.

Improvements in medical gloves have increased adherence to treatment and positively promoted the use of medical gloves. Still, as the frequency rate of Covid-19 has dropped, demand for personal protective equipment has dropped in 2022, resulting in pre-pandemic levels of demand for medical gloves. Therefore, the implementation of strategies to minimize infections and other risks during the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for medical gloves and is expected to positively boost business growth in the coming years.

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Guidelines and standards suggested by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and World Health Organization (WHO) included the strict use of medical gloves for all health procedures, including examinations, surgical interventions, routine check-ups, tests, etc. This came about in high demand for medical gloves in 2020 to protect patients and doctors from disease cross-contamination.

Raw materials: nitrile gloves dominate market share

On a raw material basis, nitrile gloves dominate the market share during the forecast period to 2027 due to increased usage by healthcare professionals. Therefore, the raw material market has been segmented into latex gloves. Additionally, nitrile gloves are commonly used in chemistry labs and other industrial environments. They are suitable for handling corrosive acids, bases and many organic solvents. They are also famous for general food preparation because they resist odors and stains. In addition, comfort and stretch feel, as well as enhanced chemical protection, have been tested for resistance to certain chemicals and chemotherapy drugs.

Sterility: Non-sterile gloves have the highest sales on the market

On the basis of sterility, the global medical gloves market has been categorized into two types: sterile and non-sterile gloves. Non-sterile gloves hold the highest market revenue during the 2027 forecast period due to their rapid use in hospitals and clinics and have minimal risk of infections and can be used multiple times compared to sterile gloves. Non-sterile gloves offer several benefits including aseptic procedures such as contact with mucous membranes, body secretions, excretions, blood, body fluids and even surfaces contaminated by body fluids.

Form: Without Powder holds the Most Significant Revenue in the Market

Based on the form, Non-Powdered holds the most significant market revenue in 2021 due to the growing demand for healthcare professionals. In addition, these gloves are more skin-friendly and much more robust. Additionally, powder-free gloves offer precise control, better accessibility during patient examination, and resilience to temperature changes. To decrease vulnerability to natural latex proteins, the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recently issued a safety advisory advocating the use of powder-free gloves and reducing allergens caused by protein-rich latex gloves.

Application: Surgical gloves hold the largest market share

Application-type surgical gloves held the largest market share due to the use of operators and healthcare professionals and were specially designed for direct contact with harmful objects. The main purpose of surgical gloves is to act as a protective barrier to prevent the possible transmission of disease between healthcare professionals and patients during surgical procedures, and the use of gloves protects against cutaneous absorption of chemicals, chemical burns, thermal burns, lacerations and cryogenic liquid exposure. However, choosing the appropriate hand protection can be challenging in a laboratory environment.

End users: the hospital holds the maximum market share

End users classified the market into Hospitals, Clinics, Outpatient Surgery, Diagnostic Centers and others. The hospital holds the highest market share during the forecast period in 2027 due to the increase in patient admissions to clinics, examination procedures and demand for advanced technological advancements in the hospital sector.

Regions: North America dominates the medical glove industry

Geographically, the medical gloves market has been divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. North America dominated the highest market share during the 2021 accounting period due to increased demand for disposable gloves, general population awareness of safety and hygiene, powder-free gloves, and other factors driving the growth of this market. Europe is expected to maintain peak market revenue during the 2021 accounting period due to advanced healthcare infrastructure and increasing patient numbers.

Analysis of the main players

Some of the major players operating in the medical gloves industry include Cardinal Health Inc., Honeywell International Inc., 3M Company, Ansell Limited, Simpered AG Holdings, Koss a Rubber Industries BHD, Hartaleg Holdings Berthed and Care Plus Group Berthed.

  • In July 2021, the hospital supplies group Premier Inc. and Honeywell International announced that they would launch a new venture that would efficiently manufacture 750 million nitrile examination gloves in the United States by the year.
  • In March 2021, Hartaleg Holdings Berhad acquired land in Kedah from Northern Gateway Free Zone Sdn Bhd of 250 acres for US$55.4 million to expand its glove manufacturing operations.

Market analysis of Raw Material – Medical Gloves in 5 points of view:

  1. latex gloves
  2. nitrile gloves
  3. vinyl gloves
  4. neoprene gloves
  5. Others

Sterility – Medical Gloves Market Segmentation from 2 Points of View:

  1. sterile gloves
  2. non-sterile gloves

Form – Medical gloves market breakdown in 2 points of view:

  1. Powder Form
  2. non-powder form

Application – Medical Gloves Market Breakdown in 2 Points of View:

  1. exam gloves
  2. surgical gloves

End-User Medical Gloves Market Segmentation by 5 Points of View:

  1. Hospital
  2. Clinical
  3. Ambulatory Surgery.
  4. diagnostic center
  5. Others

Company analysis:

  1. Cardinal Health Inc.
  2. Honeywell International Inc.
  3. 3M company
  4. Ansell Limited
  5. Semperit AG Holdings
  6. Kossan Rubber Industries BHD
  7. Hartaleg Holdings Berhad
  8. Care more Berhad Group

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Global Medical Gloves Market: Trends, Size, Growth, Analysis and Forecasts 2022-2028

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