Gavan Rogers bit his newborn daughter: police

Gavan Rogers (Boone County Sheriff

Gavan Rogers (Boone County Sheriff’s Office)

A 24-year-old father in Indiana was arrested on suspicion of repeatedly biting his newborn daughter, leaving “mouth-shaped bruises” and teeth marks all over the newborn’s body.

Gavan Rogers was arrested Tuesday and charged with one count of employee neglect resulting in bodily harm and one count of domestic battery with bodily harm to a person under 14, both misdemeanors, court records examined by the Law&Crime show.

Rogers and the mother of the baby took their 2-week-old daughter to Witham Hospital in Lebanon on Nov. 3 for a regularly scheduled checkup, according to a probable cause affidavit obtained by Law & Crime. Shortly after arriving at the facility, hospital staff told authorities they discovered suspicious bruises on the boy’s forearms, stomach, shoulders, knees and legs.

Staff transferred the boy to Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis and contacted the Whitestown Police Department.

Whitestown is located approximately 20 miles northwest of Indianapolis.

A doctor at the children’s hospital reported that the little girl appeared to have multiple bruises, many of which included visible teeth marks.

Gavan Rogers bit his newborn daughter: police

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