Garcetti signs Declaration of Local Emergency over baby formula shortage

On Friday, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti signed a Declaration of Local Emergency regarding the baby formula shortage. 

According to a press release, the declaration was made as a precautionary measure to ensure the city can respond to any future supply shortages and address potential predatory business activity. 

A number of other city officials, including City Attorney and candidate for mayor of LA Mike Feuer and Council President Nury Martinez, also joined in the signing. 

“As we see this shortage unfolding across the country, now is the time to prepare and take proactive steps to protect our families and most vulnerable residents,” the Mayor said. “This Declaration should not be viewed as a cause for concern – it should instill confidence that we are thinking ahead, and taking the proper steps to ensure that our City is ready to protect Angelenos.”

Though LA has not experienced the same baby formula shortages as other areas of the country, the release states that Garcetti has been proactive in working with city leaders on the issue ahead of any potential supply chain issues. 

The local emergency declaration, according to the press release, is also meant to help protect low-income families against predatory business practices by activating the city’s anti-price gouging ordinance. 

“We need to prevent desperate parents just trying to feed their babies from getting ripped off,” Feuer said. “My Office will investigate brick and mortar stores, online retailers and social marketplaces to stop baby formula from being sold at unduly high prices – and to hold sellers accountable. We encourage anyone who has been a victim or has seen unusually high prices for baby formula to contact us immediately. I applaud Mayor Garcetti for declaring the emergency enabling us to do this critical work.”

Martinez supported the emergency declaration and added that moms across the city are worried about the potential baby formula shortage.   

“I know what moms are feeling right now – worried that, for reasons outside of their control, they may not be able to feed their babies,” said Council President Nury Martinez. “As we look for ways to bring relief to stressed moms across Los Angeles, we cannot let existing supplies get so expensive that only those with the means can afford it. Formula is a necessity for babies and in Los Angeles, we’re working to make sure it stays accessible as this shortage persists.”

Garcetti signs Declaration of Local Emergency over baby formula shortage

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