Future Mom’s Rules for People Meeting Her Baby Spark Debate

A future mother shared in a now-viral TikTok video a list of rules and boundaries that will be put in place after she gives birth.

Posted by @maisie_crompton, the video amassed more than 300,000 views since it was shared and sparked a conversation among viewers about whether the boundaries were appropriate or too strict.

According to Penn Medicine Lancaster General Health, there are some things new parents may consider when people meet their baby.

Parents are encouraged to ensure that anyone who is meeting their baby is up to date on their vaccinations, stay away if they’re feeling sick, wash their hands, wear a mask and give the baby some space.

Baby and Family
A woman shared the list of rules she had for people when they met her newborn baby in a now-viral TikTok video.
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“You can ask them to avoid close proximity to baby’s face, and it’s up to you whether or not you want visitors to hold baby,” the organization stated. “Be sure that if you have a partner, they’re on the same page about the rules.”

Additionally, parents should also consider their own rest and recovery.

“Don’t hesitate to set limits,” the piece stated. “When you’re ready for guests to leave, a simple ‘I think baby and I need to go take a nap now; thank you for coming to visit us!’ should be more than enough to wrap up a visit.”

Mother-to-Be Lists Her Rules

In her video, @maisie_crompton went through the different rules she had in place for when people met her baby.

“First one, please don’t kiss the baby,” she said. “Very obvious. Just don’t kiss them anywhere please.”

The mother-to-be also said she does not want any unannounced visitors for the first few days after giving birth, noting that she won’t be up for socializing.

She added that she wants to be the first person to announce the birth of her child—both in person and on social media—and does not want to hear from anyone who reaches out after she gives birth if they did not check in during her pregnancy.

Her final rule was for anyone holding her baby when they start crying to immediately hand them back to her or the baby’s father.

“I do not want to watch my baby cry from a distance,” @maisie_crompton said.

Social Media Reacts

The rules prompted viewers to weigh in with their own thoughts, with some suggesting that the boundaries in place were too strict.

“People might be scared to come near/see the baby eventually so you will miss out on memories made and baby bonding with wider family,” a viewer wrote.

Another was surprised to learn that the baby’s grandparents won’t be allowed to kiss the baby.

“Although I know it’s lovely but the risk is too much,” @maisie_crompton replied.

One said that while @maisie_crompton had these rules in place now, it was unlikely they’ll remain.

“When you have your second ½ of these will be out the window,” they wrote. “Mainly give the baby back if it [cries]. That’ll prob go out the window in 5 [minutes].”

Many viewers, however, supported her rules.

“Honestly as a visiting guest I would feel so much more comfortable being handed this list so I can make sure I’m making the mum most comfortable,” another commented.

A commenter revealed that they had the same rules when they had their own baby, with an additional one.

“These were the exact same as mine,” they wrote. “Although I had an extra one for smokers, don’t come near baby if you’ve smoked in the last hour!!”

@maisie_crompton agreed and said she planned to ask visitors not to smoke before they arrive or to change their shirts.

Newsweek reached out to @maisie_crompton for comment.

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Future Mom’s Rules for People Meeting Her Baby Spark Debate

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