Friends and family celebrate ‘Baby Ivie’ turning 18

NEWBURGH, Ind. (WFIE) – We starting telling you about Ivie Duncan 18 years ago.

We called her “Baby Ivie,” and she was born with a condition that left most of her intestines outside of her body.

Well now, “Baby Ivie,” is all grown up. Her 18th birthday was May 24, and her friends and family celebrated Saturday afternoon at the Newburgh Water Park.

Ivie has spent countless hours in hospitals over the years, and there have been several events held in the community in support of her care.

Ivie’s mom, Kara, was the partial intestine transplant match that saved her life.

When summer is over, Ivie will start her senior year of high school.

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Friends and family celebrate ‘Baby Ivie’ turning 18

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