Florence Pugh is so toned in her sheer dress photos

  • Florence Pugh isn’t just the queen of the big screen, she’s also made big statements on the red carpet.
  • The 26-year-old actress attended the Governors Awards in a sheer gown that showed off her strong physique.
  • Florence is all about body positivity, and she’s also not afraid to work hard to reach her strength goals.

Florence Pugh had some serious fashion moments on the red carpet this year, and of course she just emerged with yet another next-level look. The 26-year-old reached The Academy’s 13th placeth Governors Awards in a stunning sheer gown by designer Victoria Beckham, and it was *chef’s kiss*.

The dress featured a white bra top and a draped sash that cut across her midsection and thighs, showing off her strong core and toned legs. Flo shared BTS photos of her prep, joking that she’d be “about as oiled as a diesel” before modeling her final look for the camera.

Here’s the whole look in case you haven’t seen Flo stun the crowds IRL:

Florence Pugh attends the 13th Academy Governor’s Awards.

Gilbert Flores//Getty Images

Florence has made it clear that she’s all about body positivity, and she’s not afraid to make her stance known. She told you before Glamor Britain that she realized early in her career that she didn’t want any part of the acting jobs that required her to lose weight. As a result, she said, this helped her “overcome my issues with my body at such an early age.”

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While she hasn’t revealed much about her workouts, she has made it clear that fitness and health are important to her. In an Instagram post, Florence shared a picture of a yoga mat on the grass next to a kettlebell, a dog and a chicken. “I got mugged,” she joked. “Houdini, Albert and Flo tried to train together..🌼🌞.”

She also enjoys doing her own stunts for her role as Black Widow in several Marvel movies, which, you know, is no joke in the fitness department. “I really enjoy stunts,” she said Glamor Britain. “I wanted to do so many stunts, so I went straight to kickboxing and knife training.”

For her role as Paige WWE in fights with my family, Florence did CrossFit for six weeks to get in shape, CrossFit announced online. Florence did a lot of burpees and said it was a pretty great experience overall.

“Being able to move and knowing where the body needs to sit is a very specific thing about CrossFit,” she said. “The most interesting thing for me in the beginning was learning what is a good position and what is a bad position.” Florence said CrossFit made her feel “solid and secure,” and she admitted that the training ” was difficult.

“You have to make an effort,” she added.

Of course, Florence isn’t afraid to work super hard. She recently joined Bear Gryllis “for a few days in the jungle” as part of his show. run wildand the two dragged themselves across a pond like it wasn’t a problem.

Seamless transition from jungle to red carpet… sounds just right for Florence!

Florence Pugh is so toned in her sheer dress photos

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