Family hoping for more charges in 1988 shaken baby case

The Marion County Coroner’s Office completed its autopsy and deemed Patrick Mitchell’s death a homicide caused by a traumatic brain injury.

INDIANAPOLIS — The Marion County Prosecutor’s office says the decision to bring additional charges in a delayed death case is still under review. The issue first received public attention when a 34-year-old man died in February from injuries he received as a 2-month-old baby.

13 Investigates learned this week the Marion County Coroner’s Office completed its autopsy of Patrick Mitchell. His cause of death was “complications of craniocerebral trauma,” which is a traumatic brain injury. The manner of death was deemed homicide.

Patrick Mitchell’s uncle Jim told 13 Investigates via text message he believed that should help prosecutors file a murder charge against John Coleman, the man who pleaded guilty to battery decades ago. Court documents say Coleman admitted to shaking 2-month-old Patrick. He served about two years in prison.

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“I just hope they do the right thing, and these prosecutors don’t tuck tail and just let him go,” Jim Mitchell said in March. “Because this is a totally separate crime. You know, assault and battery on a baby is one thing. But if the baby dies because of the injuries, you suffer should be a totally separate charge.”

A law professor at Indiana University’s McKinney School of Law said additional charges are possible because it’s a delayed death case. However, Novella Nedeff told 13News, trying a 1988 case in 2022 brings a lot of challenges, saying it may be difficult to find witnesses and evidence to have a successful trial.

Family hoping for more charges in 1988 shaken baby case

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