Eva Women’s Clinic offers help to those who are or may become pregnant

NEW PHILADELPHIA ‒ A new clinic has joined the local healthcare community to help women who are pregnant or suspect they are pregnant.

Eva Women’s Clinic, with locations in Canton and Akron, opened a third location at 152 N. Broadway on Jan. 9.

The clinic offers free pregnancy tests, ultrasound and, once pregnancy is confirmed, tests and treatments for sexually transmitted diseases. The clinic can provide prenatal vitamins. It does not provide referrals or services for birth control or abortion.

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“We’re here to determine that they’re pregnant,” said Candi Durbin, director of medical services. Then the four-person staff can direct them to community resources, help them get to a midwife or get insurance.

“Many of the girls have panicked because it’s usually an unexpected pregnancy and they don’t have insurance or don’t have a plan,” Durbin said. “We’re here to essentially give them information, help and hope. The idea is that the girl who is[in]early pregnancy, we can take care of her.”

The recently opened Eva Women's Clinic shares office space with Dr.  Morteza Mirhaidari, a podiatrist, at 152 N. Broadway in New Philadelphia.

Durbin said a clinic was opening in New Philadelphia to meet a need in the area.

“There’s nothing like this here,” she said. “We had several clients who came from Coshocton or here, Tusc. County, Carroll County. When we looked at the map of where something like us was, there was a big gap. New Philly was right in the middle of the gap, so it’s a perfect location.”

Eva is a nonprofit organization funded by churches, individuals, grants and foundations, Durbin said. She invited local agencies, such as churches, that may have something to offer patients, to contact the clinic.

“We’re always looking for more people to refer to and collaborate with, to make sure we get a strong connection with the community,” Durbin said.

The recently opened Eva Women's Clinic shares office space with Dr.  Morteza Mirhaidari at 152 N. Broadway in New Philadelphia.

New Philadelphia resident Mary Marshall is the clinic’s nursing manager. She formerly worked in health care and community welfare for the Cleveland Clinic Union Hospital in Dover.

Eva Woman’s Clinic shares offices with Dr. Morteza Mirhaidari. They share the waiting room, but no exam rooms.

The recently opened Eva Women's Clinic has a sign out front of its offices at 152 N. Broadway in New Philadelphia.

Opening hours are Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM.

For more information about Eva Women’s Clinic, call 330-915-6520 or visit the website at www.evawomensclinic.com.

The Eva Women's Clinic serves women who are pregnant or think they may be.

Services of the health department

Other local resources include the Tuscarawas County Health Department’s reproductive health services. It can help plan a healthy pregnancy, provide birth control options, screen for diseases and other health conditions, and test for sexually transmitted diseases.

In the health department, priority should be given to low-income individuals and those without insurance or insurance that does not cover reproductive health services. Fees for services are based on family size and income and no one should be denied services if they cannot afford to pay. There is no requirement that a person reside in the area to receive services. “We don’t provide direct pregnancy care,” said Jennifer Demuth, spokeswoman for the county health department. “A person should see an OB/GYN for those services.”

Eva Women’s Clinic offers help to those who are or may become pregnant

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