Erection App ‘Morning Glory’ Lets Guys Track Boners

Waking up with the little guy downstairs and ready to go is a pretty mundane occurrence. But do you really take the time to document how often you wake up with a boner? If you consider missing more than a few days of that morning wood could indicate health issues that go beyond your penis, it may be helpful to try.

Sounds like pain? Don’t worry – now there’s an app for that.


Morning Glory was designed by Roman, a men’s health and wellness start-up, to help guys track their boners. It’s pretty easy to use: just log in; click if you woke up with morning wood; and check out your stiff streak (or lack thereof). The app will recommend that you see your doctor or schedule a free consultation with their clinical director if you have seven or more stiff mornings.

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“We hope this app will help guys get into the habit of paying more attention to their bodies and talking to a doctor as soon as there are signs that something is wrong,” said a company representative. Men’s health.

We know it’s a gimmick app designed by a men’s health start-up, but tracking your erections is actually something you should take pretty seriously. That’s because a lack of morning risers can be a sign of much more than just erectile dysfunction — heart disease, clogged arteries, high cholesterol, and high blood pressure are just a few of the underlying health issues it can indicate.

“It’s very important for a man to understand the basics of their erection,” Roman’s medical advisor, NYU’s Dr. Steven Lamm, says in a video promoting the app. “If a man has an erection, he’s generally in very good health. If he doesn’t have an erection, it’s time to see a doctor.”

“It’s a very interesting orchestration of blood vessels, nerves and hormones like testosterone, your dream state, and if you don’t have erections this morning, there’s usually a problem,” he continues.

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The importance of “Morning Wood” with Dr. Steven Lamb

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When it comes to health tracking, Morning Glory isn’t exactly on par with some of the latest technology advancements out there. Still, it makes the good point that we should all pay more attention to our bodies. Everything from big toe pain to your burps can tell you something is up — and if something doesn’t feel right, see a doctor.

Erection App ‘Morning Glory’ Lets Guys Track Boners

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