Emerging Topics in Nutrition: Check out the latest research at JAVMA

Watch your mailbox for the December issue of JAVMA, which includes a special supplemental issue dealing with emerging and practical topics in nutrition for both large and small animals.

Emerging Topics in Nutrition Already available online and full of new, practical learning that will enhance your clinical practice for both small and large animals. Supplement Editors, Veterinary Dietitians Dr. Theresa A. Burns and Dr. Valerie J. Parker, employ a combination of groundbreaking original research and narrative reviews on topics that demonstrate the importance of nutrition for veterinary medicine.

What do you expect to find?

The appendix provides actionable research results and other information that you can use in your practice. Here are some examples:

  • Concerns about antimicrobial resistance have led to changes in federal regulations and recommendations governing the use of antimicrobial drugs in food animals. Get clarification of regulatory changes related to the Veterinary Feed Directive, and how they affect practitioners.
  • Home-made pet meals are becoming more and more popular. Learn the true cost of these diets and why pet owners need to weigh ingredients during preparation.
  • Are you still using metronidazole for acute diarrhea? You may want to think twice. Results of a randomized clinical trial comparing how diet administration versus antimicrobial therapy affects time to resolution of clinical signs and index of dysbacteriosis in dogs with acute colitis.
  • You’ll also need to think twice before assuming that continued access to pasture can protect horses from stomach ulcer syndrome (EGUS). A study reported in the supplement revealed a relatively high incidence of EGUS in pasture horses and a possible role for preserved forage when horses are later stabilized.
  • Treating patients with equine metabolic syndrome (EMS)? Results of another study suggest that bread-based treats should be carefully considered and included sparingly in the diets of horses and ponies with EMS.

Guest editors were interviewed about the supplement on a recent episode of the Veterinary Advances podcast. Hear more details.

New: AVMA Journal Collections

Another new improvement to AVMA magazines has come out: AVMA Journal Collections Collects selected manuscripts that are relevant to relevant topics in veterinary medicine, helping clinicians advance our understanding of important topics. Explore the first two collections now:

What will come next?

Find More Supplements and Special Collections in 2023. The JAVMA Team presents supplement issues to readers twice annually and will present Dermatology in June 2023 and Dentistry in December 2023. Collections will also continue to expand in 2023. You can check out new and informative podcasts being released. Every week on Veterinary Vertex.

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Emerging Topics in Nutrition: Check out the latest research at JAVMA

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