EllaOla Organic Baby Massage Oil for Hair

As a bonafide mane addict, it’s second nature for me to want to put anything and everything in my hair. This is not limited to lotions, serums, food, mud, and, of course, my son’s baby products. When I discovered EllaOla’s Organic Baby Massage Oil, which is radically clean, I decided to use it on both of us. Here’s more on this super-secret naturally formulated hair weapon from the brand’s founder Holly Pan.

EllaOla Organic Baby Massage Oil Breakdown

“There are only six USDA certified organic ingredients: organic sunflower oil, organic jojoba oil, organic grape seed oil, organic argan oil, organic coconut oil, and organic avocado oil,” says Holly.
Though it’s meant for the skin, it can do double duty on hair. “Argan oil and coconut oil are time-tested ingredients for hair nourishment,” she notes.

The brand developed its baby massage oil with Harvard pediatric dermatologists, “using the latest scientific research-backed ingredients,” Holly says. “We have researched over 100+ global suppliers and over 50 formula iterations to get the best quality raw materials and the right texture and concentration. This is one of the few organic baby oils that is USDA organic certified, EWG, National Eczema Association, Made Safe, and USDA Biobased certified. So many baby oils on the market contain fragrance and allergens, our mission is to use a science-first approach to develop the safest products for babies and kids,” she continues.

How to Use the Baby Oil

Though the oil is light, a little goes a long way (so you don’t have to feel guilty about sharing it with your little one). I apply by adding a quarter-sized dollop and rubbing it through my hands. I then coat my hair, concentrating on the tips, which tend to be drier.

According to Holly, the organic massage oil will sort you out for three full days. “It has been clinically tested to provide 72-hour hydration,” she says.

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EllaOla Organic Baby Massage Oil for Hair

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