Elektra Health Expands Advisory Group with Renowned Experts to Drive Innovation and Equity in Menopause Care

NEW YORK, March 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Electra healtha modern health platform for women with a focus on menopause, today announces the expansion of its advisory group.

The transition to menopause has a negative impact on quality of life 4 out of 5 women. Three quarters of this population do not receive adequate care in the traditional health care system. Also Elektras 2022 menopause at work A survey of 2,000 female professionals found that 1 in 5 women have quit or considered quitting their job because of their menopausal symptoms. Women of color are particularly neglected; Research has found that symptoms are often more severe, yet treatments are less likely to be offered.

Elektra provides evidence-based virtual care, education and peer support for women over 40 and for women struggling with the early onset of menopause. The Elektra model has been championed by world-renowned pioneers in menopausal medicine since its inception. Elektra’s consultants have helped steer every aspect of its innovative healthcare delivery, including a unique ability to drive industry-leading patient engagement through its digital platform.

Today, Elektra is pleased to announce the expansion of its Advisory Group with the addition of distinguished medical leaders, academics, researchers and activists, all united in their commitment to advancing gender and health justice. The newest consultants join Elektra’s clinical team, overseen by its founding physician. Anna BarbieriMD FACOG NCMPand existing consultants, including Purple NightingaleMD, NCMP, Chitra AkileswaranMD, MBAAnd Elizabeth PoynorMD, PhD:

Omisade Burney Scott is a social justice advocate focused on reproductive, gender and healing justice. She is the founder of the multidisciplinary culture and narrative shift project, Black Girls’ Guide to Menopause Survival (BGG2SM). They engage in cultural and narrative shiftwork by focusing on the stories and realities of menopause for Black women, women-identified, and gender-segregated people. She is a founding member of the SpiritHouse South cultural organization and healing justice organization and currently ministers in the Wisdom Circle at the Acorn Center for Restoration and Freedom.

Honoré (Nora) Lancesmd is a General Practitioner with extensive experience in healthcare, leadership and clinical operations. After completing her residency residency training, Nora joined One Medical where she has held numerous leadership positions for over 8 years focused on the development of full spectrum reproductive health services. Nora led the digital clinic team at Galileo Health and oversaw the growth of a practice providing quality healthcare in the digital space.

Tina OpiPhD is an Associate Professor of Management Babson Collegeand an award-winning teacher, researcher, speaker and author of the book 2022, Sisterhood in Common: How to Take Collective Action for Racial and Gender Justice at Work. dr Opie provides strategic guidance to organizations on how to create more diverse, inclusive and equitable workplaces. Her research has been published in journals such as O Magazine, The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and Harvard Business Review.

Wulf UtianMD, PhD DSc is Executive Director Emeritus and Founder of the North American Menopause Society (NAMS). dr Utian is considered one of the foremost authorities on menopause and women’s health. He has written over 250 papers on women’s health and authored five books on menopause. His latest is CHANGE YOUR MENOPAUSES. He is editor emeritus of menopause, the official scientific journal of NAMS. He is one of the three original founders of the International Menopause Society, the Arthur H. Bill Professor Emeritus in the Department of Reproductive Biology Case Western Reserve Universityand consults with the Cleveland Clinic.

“Our advisory group has been instrumental in our success to date,” he says Alexandra Henderson, Co-Founder and CEO of Elektra Health. “Elektra’s advisory group brings together expertise in medical research, clinical care, digital health and consumer technology. We look forward to leveraging the insights of our new consultants in these key areas.”

“Elektra’s new advisors also reflect Elektra’s commitment to promoting health equity in menopausal care and for women in the workplace. We are honored to work with this dynamic group of experts who share our vision of advancing women’s health beyond the reproductive years,” she says Jannine versionCo-founder and COO of Elektra.

Last year, Elektra became the first dedicated menopause solution offered by health plans, launching groundbreaking partnerships with Mass General Brigham Health Plan and EmblemHealth. Elektra’s proprietary, integrative care model combines evidence-based telemedicine with virtual coaching and peer support. Elektra uses the perspectives of its diverse team at work to improve quality and outcomes in healthcare – with dignity and respect for all women.

About Elektra Health

Electra health is on a mission to shatter the menopause taboo. Elektra supports the more than 50 million women going through the menopause with an integrative, evidence-based model of care. Elektra combines peer support and MD-certified education with the convenience of telemedicine care from board-certified clinicians. Backed by leading investors such as Flare Capital Partners and Alexis Ohanians fund, 776, Elektra partners with leading employers and healthcare plans across the United States to provide people going through menopause with the support they expect and deserve in this decade and beyond. To learn more about Elektra, please visit www.electrahealth.com.

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Elektra Health Expands Advisory Group with Renowned Experts to Drive Innovation and Equity in Menopause Care

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