Easy and quick meditation techniques for beginners

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Today’s uncompromisingly busy lifestyle somehow leaves us unable to catch up on life’s smaller pleasures, and we certainly deserve a break and some rest and introspection. We need to see where we’re going with all the responsibilities of the rat race, or we just need to decide to step out and experience the peace and comfort that cutthroat competition doesn’t provide.

For those who can’t reconcile with either option, there’s a quick way out, and you guessed it right. A quick meditation, in any form, would help you get back to your form and clear the pressure from your life. Maybe we’re having trouble finding time for this chase.

These methods are for the novice meditators and the inexperienced who have not yet been initiated into regular meditation. Transcendental Meditation can be taken up once you feel comfortable with these practices.

The five restorative techniques

There are about five popular meditation activities that suit you.
1. The shower experience
2. Watch what you eat
3. Perform daily chores
4. Scan the body
5. Walk

Showering daily can provide benefits you couldn’t even imagine. You smell the fragrance, enjoy the feeling of warm water on your skin and the warm bliss that envelops you after this experience.

Watch what you eat and ignore any racing thoughts for now. Feel the texture of the food on your tongue, taste the taste or just concentrate on the chewing process. Yes, you become a slow and picky eater over time, but it clears the grime from your head and keeps you calm for a long time.

Washing dishes is the best way you can think of because you focus on something deep for a while. Warm water constantly flowing over your hands while you wash the dishes is a wonderful feeling that you can enjoy and the whole process calms your nerves.

A body scan meditation is usually accompanied by deep breathing. Take a deep breath as you imagine a white warm light entering your body and enveloping you in stages, from head to toe and back from toe to top. The light that enters can be used to relax your body from tension or stress. This exercise is also called as Yoga Nidra, which is a very powerful technique for banishing the stress from your system.

A short walk of about 10 to 15 minutes can relieve a lot of your daily stress. Try to focus on the sounds your feet make, or the cool breeze brushing against your skin.

The best cure is….

Do your daily amount of meditation to end your stress, also for those hyperactive people there are some techniques. Take a walk or a shower, or focus on a pink rose in your garden, and watch the wrinkles of stress disappear from your face. The time required for meditation is much less compared to the benefits it provides.

Story first published: Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 7:00 PM [IST]

Easy and quick meditation techniques for beginners

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