“Didn’t know how to handle it”: Arnold Schwarzenegger suffered a nasty injury after a horse fell on him during the 1984 shooting

The sky is the limit – the limit undoubtedly applies to Arnold Schwarzenegger. From starting bodybuilding at 15 to enlisting in the military and eventually becoming one of Hollywood’s highest paid actors. Arnold has perfected many shades. You could say that ex-California Governor Arnold is a one-man army.

A recently surfaced video from the late ’80s shows a young Arnold being candid on “Carson Tonight Show.” It’s not just Arnold’s charm and infectious smile that caught the crowd’s attention! This time, his dedication to perfecting the role made people sigh in disbelief.


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Arnold narrowly escapes

When Richard Fleischer’s peplum movie “Red Sonja” was released, people got to see how Arnie perfected the role of “Kalidor”. The first feature film based on Marvel Comics required Arnold to appear in the opening scenes. Talking about working with different horses for his role, Arnold ends up sharing an “exciting” experience.

WASHINGTON – MARCH 20: California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger looks on during a brief press conference outside the White House on March 20, 2009 in Washington, DC. Previously, Schwarzenegger, Pennsylvania Ed Rendell and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg met with President Obama in the Roosevelt Room to discuss the importance of investing in America’s transportation infrastructure. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Arnold is good with horses. But it wasn’t until later that Arnold realized that even an experienced rider can have serious “horse problems”. During the test drive “Schwarzenegger was knocked unconscious.” Due to an unfortunate coincidence, the horse slipped in the mud and fell forward. As a result, Arnold fell.


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Later, when Arnold regained consciousness, the stable workers told him that the horse had landed on top of him. Fortunately, Arnold and the horse were unharmed despite the whole incident. Arnold’s dedication to his role is commendable.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is unstoppable

Arnold is a box office powerhouse and loves to explore. The Transformation of Mr. Olympia to Hollywood’s Megastar has been phenomenal. Arnold enjoyed a career as a bodybuilder, athlete, politician and actor. Even at 75 years old, the Austrian oak is unstoppable.


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BARCELONA, SPAIN – SEPTEMBER 20: Arnold Schwarzenegger at a press conference at the IX Arnold Classic Europe at the Theater Victória on September 20, 2019 in Barcelona, ​​Spain. (Photo by David Zorrakino/Europa Press via Getty Images)

To perfect his roll roles, Arnold never leaves any stone unturned. To play the part of the real one, Joe Santos, Arnold had to lose a significant amount of weight. While it could have hindered his bodybuilding, Arnold didn’t give it a second thought. He nailed the role to perfection, so much so that he ended up winning a Golden Globe for his performance.

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For now, Arnold is gearing up for his next big adventure on Netflix. There the fans will see him step into the shoes of a spy.

“Didn’t know how to handle it”: Arnold Schwarzenegger suffered a nasty injury after a horse fell on him during the 1984 shooting

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