Church has been supplying the “House of Bread” food bank for over 15 years – Picayune Item

Church has been supplying the “House of Bread” food bank for over 15 years

Published 1:20 PM Tuesday 24 January 2023

The East Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church in Picayune, MS provides food and relief supplies to its local community.

Every first Wednesday of every month led by church members, Josephine Turner, Barbra Walton and other volunteers set up outdoor tables and donate large grocery bags of groceries that will last a family all month.

“We give it enough to last the whole month,” Turner said.

These varieties of goods could fill any refrigerator. Families get some sort of protein; ribs, pork loin, steak, eggs, chicken, turkey, ham, rice, water, canned goods, fruits and vegetables. Which together with the recipes are only a small part of the items they donate. They will also be distributing cuddles, diapers, baby wipes, soap and laundry detergent and will continue to supply face masks, hand sanitizers and cleaning essentials.

“If we have it, we give it away,” Turner said. “(I get) Anything I feel someone can use, especially when it comes to food.

All of the food and most of the supplies that Turner collects come from 12 Baskets, a central food bank warehouse and distributor in Gulfport MS. The church’s partnership with 12 Baskets (under the 501C3 and USDA organizations) allows them to get items at a reduced price. They also accept donations from citizens, of which they have received many.

Pastor Brian K. Dees of the East Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church said the food bank has been in operation for about 15 years. Turner has been with it for seven years and Barbra Walton has been helping him for two years.

The mission behind this food bank is to provide needed supplements to church members and Pearl River County residents in need.

Jerusalem means “House of Bread,” and Pastor Dee said when you’re dealing in ministry with the meaning of giving, “it’s an opportunity to sew in our community.”

She said, “It’s about giving and giving to someone who really needs it.” Turner added, “If we can help you, the helping hand is out there and we will try to help you as best we can.”

The church food bank also delivers to its senior members who are unable to physically receive the freebie.

If families or individuals are in need, please contact Homeland Security (DHS), local authorities and the local hospital for assistance. East Jerusalem Missionary Baptist Church to host its next food drive on Wednesday, February 1 at 2:00 p.m.

Church has been supplying the “House of Bread” food bank for over 15 years – Picayune Item

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