Child brides from Gujarat struggle to feed

On a hot November afternoon, The Quint he met Devi*, a 17-year-old girl who is six months pregnant. “So far, there have been no complications,” said the girl’s mother-in-law.

Davey, however, had it There is no way to reach a doctor, although there is a civilian hospital just a kilometer away from her home.

Khavda, where Devi lives, is one of the only few villages in Bhuj taluka in Kutch district that has a functioning civilian hospital. People from the neighboring villages of Dinara, Ratadia, Gudbar and Doravar come to Khavda Civil Hospital for treatment.

“Visiting a civil hospital for a check-up means revealing her (Davy’s) age to government doctors”, The son-in-law of the child Mahesh* said, Rather reluctantly. “If there is a problem, we will take her to a private hospital in Bhuj or Anjar,” he added.

However, a visit to a private hospital would cost money, and since Davey’s husband and brother-in-law are the only breadwinners in a family of nine, this can be difficult. The two men earn 250-300 rupees a day each.

Meanwhile, the Gora family, in the same village as Devi, has found a “solution”.

“With the help of an ASHA Certified Social Health Activist, we got our ‘Mamata Card’… My last pregnancy was difficult. I was 14 years old and had a premature birth. My child has been admitted to a private hospital for more than 40 days. It cost us 2.5 lakh rupees. We still owe. So, this time we have a Mamta card.

So, what is the Mamta Card?

Mamta Card is the Gujarat Government’s Mother and Child Protection Card which tracks hospital visits, check-ups and vaccinations for pregnant and lactating mothers and their babies.

As per the Gaura Mamta card, he sees it The Quintto her age As of November 2022 21 years. Another version of the card says it is 26 years old Old. Neither of the two is accounted for along with the age by date of birth on her Aadhaar Card – 8th July 2004. according thatshe is 18 years old.

Hetal, Anganwadi worker explained, “Sometimes ASHA workers issue Mamta cards based solely on what they have been told. Many of these girls do not have Aadhaar cards. ASHA workers also know that sometimes the age on the Mamta card is incorrect but what is Option? “

Without the “Mamta” card, she said, “most of these girls do not have access to health care. They do not go to the civil hospital for fear and the private clinics are very expensive.”

However, the Mamta Card cannot guarantee these women free quotas under the MMY scheme. “For that you need the Adar card number,” Hatal told.

Child brides from Gujarat struggle to feed

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