Tips for choosing an electric toothbrush

There was a time when your biggest decision when choosing a toothbrush was soft or firm bristles… and maybe the color of the handle. Today, consumers are faced with seemingly endless options in the oral care aisle, with dozens of electrically powered models, each with a range of features. They promise to whiten, remove plaque […]

The best hygiene transfer: 5 tips to make it happen

Oral hygiene appointments are so much more than “just a cleaning.” Comprehensive care involves many components beyond scaling and polishing. In many cases, hygienists see a patient more than any other member of the dental team. We build relationships and see conditions and patterns as we collect important patient information. We inform patients about our […]

Rising prevalence of dental caries driving tooth sales

Rockville, Oct. 4, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Global demand for dental filling materials is expected to grow at a CAGR of 2.4% from 2022 to 2027, reveals Fact.MR, a provider of market research and competitive intelligence. Dental fillings are a type of therapy that can be used to restore tooth structures lost due to trauma […]

Pearlie White founder on why his oral care products are made in S’pore and replaced every 3 years – Mothership.SG

Follow us on Telegram for the latest updates: In line with its range of all-natural toothpastes, the homegrown oral care brand Pearlie White has developed a 100 percent natural mouthwash. But getting it to market was quite a challenge. You see, a 100 percent natural mouthwash has nothing artificial added, not even artificial colors. […]

Access to dental care

Dental insurance options California Indoor Adults and children can enroll in family dental plans through Covered California. All plans include free preventive and diagnostic care, such as cleanings, X-rays, and exams. Children’s dental coverage is still included as part of all health insurance policies sold through Covered California – known as “enclosed children’s dental coverage.” […]

Using AI to improve your dental care and keep you smiling

In this interview, we talk to Severin Stalder, CEO of Zaamigo, about their AI dental camera and how it is helping to improve people’s oral hygiene. Can you introduce yourself and tell us about your position at Zaamigo? Hi! I am Severin and the founder and CEO of Zaamigo. Zaamigo wants to ‘bring healthy teeth […]

6 Best Fluoride-Free Toothpastes of 2022

Frequently Asked Questions Amazon; Bite; Aesop Toothpaste Toothpaste; Revitin; Alyssa Powell/Insider What does fluoride do? “Fluoride helps protect tooth enamel and provides natural protection against cavities,” says Dr. Carrillo. Now you might think that brushing is responsible for fighting cavities, but it actually serves a different purpose: “The purpose of brushing your teeth is to […]

How to get kids to brush their teeth without a tantrum?

‘Think of it as a game’ (Credits: Getty Images) We understand it. Getting kids to brush their teeth can be like… pulling teeth. But with an increase in the number of children who have tooth decay before they even start school, it’s more important than ever for parents to teach their children a routine and […]

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