Adventure Therapy: A New Way to Treat Mental Health | About Indiana

There are many different types of therapy. Some benefit from outpatient counseling, usually sitting across from a therapist in an office setting, or in a group therapy session, on a weekly or monthly basis. A higher level therapy may be more intensive, meeting three to five times a week. Even more intensive would mean inpatient […]

Natalie Kelly and Stephen Shelley: Florida and Farm Share’s Managing Entities Collaborate on Health Issues of Food Insecurity, Mental Health

Numerous studies have made it clear that food insecurity is linked to increased rates of depression and anxiety. When one of your most basic needs – for nutritious food – remains unfulfilled, your mental health undoubtedly suffers. That’s why Florida’s seven managing entities, which oversee Florida’s behavioral health safety net system, are working with Farm […]

Children with rare gene disorders at increased risk of developmental, behavioral and mental health problems

With the advent of rapid whole genome sequencing, it is recommended that children with intellectual disabilities or developmental delays have their DNA sequenced to identify the underlying genetic cause. To take advantage of this recent NHS development, researchers from the University of Cambridge, University College London and Cardiff University have launched IMAGINE ID, a national […]

Young people often feel disabled by mental health professionals

A new study published in Theory and Psychology brought together an interdisciplinary team of academic researchers and young mental health users to explore the role of youth care during routine clinical encounters in mental health emergency services. Analysis of videotaped conversations revealed common ways emergency clinicians undermine young people’s sense of choice. The authors, led […]

Remembrance of the explosion in the port of Beirut two years later

Today is a day of solemnity as the world commemorates the devastating explosion in the port of Beirut on August 4, 2020, which injured more than 6,500 people and killed more than 200 people. Surrounding neighborhoods — hospitals, schools, businesses and homes — collapsed during the explosion, taking the lives of more than 300,000 people, […]

Get vaccinated for a healthy school year

By Jean Yaeger Kids and teens need up-to-date admissions data to start the new school year, and Cook Children’s doctors are eager to help students catch up on their routine vaccinations. Alice Phillips, MD at Cook Children’s Pediatrics Cityview vaccines mentioned can prevent infectious diseases such as hepatitis, measles and mumps from spreading through the […]

Lincoln’s passion for houseplants continues to grow

Eva Smith bought her first plant, a peace lily, a few years ago when she was 11. She was at a Christmas parade with her grandmother, she says, and saw it on a stall. “I said I really liked it,” she says. “My grandmother said she would buy it for me because she is quite […]

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