Skin care tips for a beauty routine from summer to fall

You have wash your face down to a science and maybe even perfected shiny skin, but keeping skin soft and clear in fall and winter is very different from summer. As the temperature cools and the humidity decreases, the skin registers those changes and can struggle to retain moisture. When this happens, the skin becomes […]

Does blue light cause skin damage?

Due to the dramatic changes in lifestyle and work style in recent years, people are spending more and more time in front of screens and under artificial light. As time in these environments has increased, so has the number of patients expressing concern about the potential harm of blue light radiation on their skin. For […]

Top skincare tools to shop

Skin gymnastics When it comes to having hydrated, supple skin beyond the reach of a serum or moisturizer, adding one of the best facial steamers to your routine is a quick way to channel a radiant complexion. “Steaming is beneficial because it increases circulation and helps remove surface debris,” Dr. Dennis Gross tells WebMD. Dennis […]

6 fall skincare trends that will bloom in 2022

“We wholeheartedly believe in the time-tested superpowers of adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs and plants to work their magic inward and outward,” says co-founder Catarina Oliveira. what really works for them – in health and beauty. More often than not, what works is what has always been there: the basic healing strategies that have been used for […]

Best Sephora Gifts For All Deals 2022

Sephora sales are some of the only opportunities to save on rarely discounted beauty products like Sephora gift sets or Dr. Dennis Gross. And coincidentally, the beauty store has another one for the holidays: The Gifts For All Event. From today through December 11, all Sephora rewards members can save 20% sitewide, regardless of their […]

Dorian Gray drops his skin care routine

Hello everyone! Dorian here, back with another vlog. You were all absolute to blow up the comments section on my last video with things like, “Dorian! How do you look so young?”, “What’s your secret?”, and “It’s not humanly possible to look this good for so long.” So flattering! I wanted to thank you for […]

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