Physical Health and Fitness

Children’s Trust, Miami-Dade County helps children prepare for a healthy, productive and safe summer

For parents and caregivers, memories of summers spent on family vacations, splashing around for hours in public pools, or even strolling around the neighborhood from morning to night often represent the happiest times of their lives. Parents yearn to give those same memories and experiences to their own children, but times are different and there’s […]

Is there an association between plant-based diets and mental health?

In a recent study published in PLOS ONE, researchers determined the relationship between plant-based diet indices (PDIs) and mental health disorders such as anxiety and depression among Iranian adults. To study: The relationship between a plant-based diet and mental health: evidence from a multicenter community-based cross-sectional study (LIPOKAP). Image credit: marilynbarbone/ Bottom Mental health disorders […]

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