Meet the nutritionist and PA broadcaster

The Richmond Flying Squirrels celebrate the girls and women in sports on Friday night, and that includes tributes to the women who work within the Double-A franchise. Among them are sports nutritionist Rachel Rodriguez, who is in the dugout, at the club and on the road with the team, and Bianca Bryan, whose voice is […]

Can exercise relieve anxiety? The study looks at the potential and risks of fitness as a treatment

In a recent study published in the journal Advances in cardiovascular diseaseResearchers are exploring whether exercise can be used to treat anxiety. Stady: Is exercise a viable treatment for anxiety? Systematic review of recent literature and critical analysis. Image credit: GP PIXSTOCK / Mental health benefits of exercise Lifestyle psychiatry acknowledges the impact of […]

SAM Nutrition announces exciting partnership with up-and-coming golfer Sam Bennett as he turns pro | national business

BLOMINGTON, Minnesota–(BUSINESS WIRE)-JUNE 1, 2023- SAM Nutrition, founded in 2002, is a global family-owned ingredient supplier and is excited to announce its official sponsorship of Sam Bennett, the amateur golfer who shocked the golf world at the 2023 Masters. This exciting partnership brings together Two Sams who share a common goal of striving for excellence […]

Ozempic for women over 50? 5 doctors weigh in on new weight-loss injections

Using injectable drugs like Ozempic for weight loss has become the hottest health trend in decades. It’s been rumored that celebrities—including Kim Kardashian, Mindy Kaling, Oprah, and Elon Musk—use them to stay trim. said one expert with celebrity clients Firstly“they everyone It.” But is this approach appropriate for most women over 50? What is Ozempic? […]

Benefits of Brussels Sprouts – Brussels Sprouts Recipes

Brussels sprouts aren’t always the most popular green vegetable — but they definitely deserve more attention. While you might find them atop homemade pizza or roasted in a quinoa bowl, there are plenty of health-boosting reasons to add Brussels sprouts to your grocery list. Brussels sprouts get their name from Brussels, Belgium where they were […]

Fremont Nutrition offers healthy refreshments

Lisa M. Leonard Tribune Reporter When Max Frank and Hannah Cederberg made the decision to become the new owners of Fremont Nutrition, it was the beginning of a new career for both of them. “It was a change of pace for both of us, but in a good way,” said Frank. “We love the fact […]

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