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Worries about melatonin addiction…

Whether you’ve sought out melatonin to ward off the “coronasomnia” that has set in during the pandemic or have relied on the supplement for years, taking it can become a comforting nighttime ritual — almost like an insurance policy for restless sleepers.add adFor some, however, this ritual has become a bore. As more people turn […]

Black women on life after breast cancer

ASHLEY PEÑA for ESSENCE This story is featured in the September/October issue of ESSENCE, available on newsstands now. At 37, I was introduced to a fraternity that I did not choose. At the time, I was working in the New York area, building a successful media career. Then, on a hot summer day in 2019, […]

CBD for Hair Loss: Effectiveness, Use, and Safety

It is common for anyone to lose between 50 and 100 hairs a day. However, hair loss looks different. 80 million men and women suffer from hereditary hair loss (also known as alopecia). Hair loss can be caused by several things, such as: genetic change in hormones (as with childbirth or menopause) medical conditions physical […]

Your shampoo probably isn’t causing your hair loss

Do you feel like you are losing a little more hair than usual? Before you start worrying, keep in mind that it’s completely normal to lose hair on a daily basis, especially when shampooing. Still, you might start worrying about hair loss when you notice bigger clumps of hair in your shower drain, comb, or […]

Kansas inmates wait months for treatment due to lack of mental health hospital beds – Butler County Times-Gazette

By Rachel Mipro Kansas Reflector Local hospitals and prisons say they are overwhelmed with patients TOPEKA — Local government officials have urged Kansas lawmakers to fund more mental health services, saying the shortage of mental health beds is pushing understaffed hospitals and prisons to the brink. Larned State Hospital is the largest psychiatric facility in […]

Comparative immunogenicity of COVID-19 vaccines in Northern California

In a recent study published on medRxiv*preprint server, researchers assessed vaccine responses among Northern California residents, including differences in vaccine side effects and antibody (Ab) titers by age, gender, and type of vaccine. They also assessed the responses of people with comorbidities that increase the risks of severe coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). Study: Antibody response […]

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