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Best Pet Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

What is the best coverage for a pet with a pre-existing condition? Despite the exclusions for pre-existing incurable conditions, there are still pet health insurance providers that will cover your pet’s medical care in the future. Here we’ll dig into pet insurance providers that offer coverage for curable pre-existing conditions, requirements needed to qualify, and […]

AI-powered telehealth improves physiotherapy care at Essen Health Care

Essen Health Care, a medical group in New York, has a pain center of excellence with physical therapists, pain specialists, neurology and orthopedic specialists. It serves patients with acute and chronic conditions requiring physical therapy. Additionally, it serves many elderly patients at home, due to pandemic restrictions, whose functioning has deteriorated due to a lack […]

The Mind-Body Connection – OutSmart Magazine

PReaching the halfway point in 2022 is an opportunity to reflect and realize that it’s been quite a year already. With COVID deaths declining as vaccinations and boosters have proven to be highly effective, there seems to be a collective sigh of relief this year. Unfortunately, with the recent increase in hospitalizations due to BA.5, […]

Increased risk of heart disease from red meat may stem from gut microbes’ response to digestion

Chemicals produced in the digestive tract by gut microbes after eating red meat may help explain some of the higher risk of cardiovascular disease associated with eating red meat, according to a new study published today in the peer-reviewed journal of the American Heart Association. Arteriosclerosis, thrombosis and vascular biology (MTB). In the United States […]

Breakthrough Bleeding – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Your Aunt Flo tends to schedule her visit once a month, but sometimes she arrives unexpectedly, leaving behind an unwanted gift. While no one likes blood in their underwear (even if it’s period underwear!), rest assured it’s common and rarely a sign of a health issue. Breakthrough bleeding is any type of bleeding between periods. […]

Is spike protein the culprit?

Share on PinterestHow, exactly, does SARS-CoV-2 cause damage to the heart? Image credit: Stefania Pelfini, La Waziya Photography/Getty Images. Researchers have studied how SARS-CoV-2 damages heart muscle cells. They found that the virus damages heart muscle cells via an inflammatory pathway independent of ACE2 receptors. They now plan to study how SARS-CoV-2 causes inflammation in […]

LA County could drop high level of COVID transmission next week

The number of coronavirus patients in Los Angeles County hospitals fell slightly, continuing a stabilizing trend that allowed officials to scrap plans to reimpose an indoor mask mandate. The number of COVID-positive patients in county hospitals on Saturday fell by 19 to 1,220, according to the latest state figures. Among these patients, 137 were treated […]

Department of Health August 1 update on COVID-19 cases

The Tompkins County Health Department says there have now been 23,095 total positive cases in Tompkins County, 56 more than Friday, and a total of 1,927,580 tests performed. The Department of Health is also now reporting positive self-test results that have been submitted through its online portal. They say there are 23 new positive self-test […]

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