The Apple report outlines its vision for improving personal health and supporting clinicians

Apple provides a snapshot of how its products are helping two categories of healthcare: the personal health and fitness of consumers and the general medical community. In both categories of care Apple partners with third-party developers, health institutions and organizations to deliver innovative technology, the company said in a nearly 60-page report. “We believe technology […]

My Favorite Back-to-School Gadgets Under $100 on Amazon

Summer is coming to an end and it’s time to go back to school. But it can be something to look forward to rather than dread, with a range of cool tech gadgets at your disposal to make your college life a little better. All of these budget-friendly finds are under $100, and I’ve personally […]

Finding joy in everyday moments

The need for transcendence In times of challenge or need, we can look to self-transcendent experiences to increase our sense of joy and fulfillment. But how do we cultivate and nurture transcendence in the midst of our daily lives? Consider your life journey so far. Is there a moment that stands out in your memory […]

Winter Wonderfest underway – Whanganui Chronicle News

Winter Wonderfest lucky number seven kicked off last Saturday with a roar. Several festival events are already fully booked, so it’s definitely a good idea to get in early and secure your spot with the contact listed for each event so you don’t miss out. That said, some of our festival partners have waiting lists […]

Can Anxiety Give You Stomach Problems? Find out from experts | Health

ThroughAkanksha AgnihotriDelhi Many people seek a doctor for physical complaints, such as stomach complaints, without finding a physical cause. They find it difficult to understand and accept how the mind can affect the body. To this day, despite advances in psychology and medicine, we still hear things like “it’s all in your head”, and people […]

5 minute morning meditation video

How you spend your morning can have a significant impact on how you appear for the rest of the day, so taking a moment for yourself upon waking can be rewarding. The below five-minute morning meditation from yoga teacher and energy healer Janine Martins is all about getting up with the sun to naturally energize […]

When used, what to expect?

Intraperitoneal chemotherapy is a type of cancer treatment in which anticancer drugs are administered into your abdominal cavity. It is a much less common treatment than intravenous (IV) chemotherapy, but it is still used in some people for certain types of cancer in their abdominal cavity. The abdominal cavity is the area of ​​your abdomen […]

How much sleep do children need? New study says at least 9 hours

A new study published in the Lancet Child and Adolescent Health shows that children between the ages of six and 12 who get less than the recommended nine hours of sleep per night may have impaired cognitive well-being, including less memory, problem-solving and rational decision-making skills than their peers who sleep more. Sufficient sleep is […]

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