‘I’m battling hallucinating spiders at night’

I carefully checked the contents of my work backpack, getting ready to leave the house, to head up the hill to work, teaching at Aberystwyth University. I felt the rough fabric of my pencil case in my hand, the rubbery round head of my Charlie Brown USB stick, and the usual crumpled receipts and shelf […]

Experts call attention to COVID fear, treatment

Special: Fight against the new corona virus Putting down the cell phone, talking about negative feelings with friends or seeking professional help are some of the methods that are helpful in dealing with depression and anxiety during a COVID-19 outbreak, experts say. As the virus continues to circulate and lockdowns cause mental stress, experts have […]

Red Thai Kratom – Effects, Review & COUPONS in 2022

Among the Kratom strains, Red Thai Kratom still emerges as one of the most popular and common in the Kratom market today. The Red Thai strain is the most sought-after red strain of Kratom due to its desirable healing properties. Originally from Thailand, this red strain is considered to be the most relaxing of the […]

Exercise can help people sleep better

People in good physical shape are less likely to need a prescription for sleeping pills from their doctor. This suggests that being fit can help you sleep better. The vast majority of people have trouble sleeping from time to time. However, 10 to 20 percent of the population struggles more than the rest of us […]

How women navigate menopause in the workplace

Jennifer Gerber guides her yoga students to complete relaxation by addressing body aches, menstrual cramps or menopausal symptoms. “We are working on what is called a support bound angle. This is a really great pose for perimenopause, helps create calm in the lower reproductive organs and releases tension,” Gerber said. What you need to know […]

Building tires by baking, new business coming in January

TEXARKANA, Texas — Local entrepreneurs Brendan and Tuareaan Stovall will open Cake House in January, a bakery on a mission to create fun, flavorful dishes for those with a sweet tooth. The Stovalls focus on desserts with flair and character and want to use their love of art to connect with the community through sweets. […]

Insomnia Symptoms Associated with Self-Reported and Objective Cognition Scores

Insomnia in elderly patients may indicate the risk of impaired cognition — both objectively and self-reported, according to findings of a new study. In data from a new analysis, a team of researchers at the University of Missouri reported that insomnia symptoms influence the relationship between clinically observed and self-reported cognition. More complicatedly, poor sleep […]

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