Can Too Much Vitamin D Cause Hair Loss?

Q: I’ve always had a lot of hair, even after menopause. However, for the last few years I have been losing excessive hair, more on one side than the other. I have to tease the thin side to match the rest. <strong>I have tried specialty shampoos and scalp treatments. My hairdresser says my scalp is […]

Holly Willoughby’s New Hair Photo Dramatically Divides Fans

September 30, 2022 – 12:43 PM BST Tania Leslauc This morning’s Holly Willoughby shared an image of her new haircut with fans online – and had some looking back at her hair transformations over the years Holly Willoughby’s flippy blonde bob has become a core element of her bubbly girl next door image. Still, the […]

Why is my hair falling out? 5 reasons to shed

If your hair keeps falling out, it could be due to androgenetic alopecia or alopecia areata. You may also not be getting enough protein, zinc, and iron in your diet. Wearing tight hairstyles like buns can also damage your hair follicles and cause loss. It can be very distressing if you start to see more […]

Do Supplements Help Hair Growth? We asked an expert

Hair supplements seem like the golden ticket to great hair: you just have to take a pill, sit back and wait for shiny, thicker hair to reveal itself, right? The reality is a bit more complex. When supplements work, they take time to work, and not all supplements are created equal. Supplements aren’t regulated by […]

Harmful beauty ideals cost Americans more than $300 billion in 2019

When Ashton Garrison was only seven years old, she asked her mother for liposuction. She remembers being gifted waist trainers and even buying some herself – all before she even started high school. And she also remembers the impact of seeing ads about weight loss products in her social media feed. “I would cry to […]

Is Minoxidil Really a Miracle Cure for Baldness?

Photo illustration: Intelligencer; Photo: Getty Images Last month, the New York Time published an article that painted small oral doses of minoxidil — an old inexpensive drug better known as Rogaine — as an antidote for moderate hair loss. It was a piece that seemed destined to be among the most read of 2022 — […]

Foods for stronger nails and hair, and their main ingredients

You’ll know it when you see it: shiny hair that just screams healthy. It is the clear-eyed and bushy tailed variety that is impossible to achieve with styling products alone. It is also guaranteed to come with a set of equally healthy, strong nails. For a guide to achieving that kind of inside-out glow, we […]

How to stop hair loss the easy way?

Like many seemingly embarrassing beauty issues, hair loss is a topic people prefer to avoid. However, at Mane Addicts, we think that if you’re experiencing something like hair loss, it’s best to talk about it. Besides, how else do you find out who has had similar experiences or how to treat it? Below we have […]

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