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If you purchase an independently reviewed product or service through a link on our website, SheKnows may receive an affiliate commission. It’s summer, which means you’re showing a little more skin. For some of us, this may mean that shaving and waxing our legs, armpits and pelvis are now essential parts of our skincare routine. […]

KeraVita Pro Reviews: Will It Work for You?

Your hair and nails play a major role in a healthy appearance. Keravita Pro is an exclusive supplement that improves hair and nails. The makers claim it can stave off nail and athlete’s foot. Daily consumption of Keravita Pro can support and promote healthy nails and hair. I think you are wondering how mold occurs […]

7 Best Hair Straightening Products For Smooth And Silky Hair

If you often use styling tools, especially hair straighteners, straightening products such as straightening creams will save you from damage from all the heat. These products smooth your hair, eliminate frizz and give it a naturally straight look. It makes it so much easier to handle your hair. Try and use vitamin E based oils […]

Understanding the receding hairline in black men

Black men faced with a receding hairline have three choices: Go full Michael Jordan and shave your head; learn to live with it and style your remaining hair accordingly; or seek hair restoration treatment. The most common cause of a receding hairline in black men, and most men in general, is a condition called male […]

Eat these 5 foods for shiny hair, says a nutritionist

When I hear the adage food is fuelIt costs me everything in my power not to get on my soapbox, and walk down (with diligence and passion) the many reasons I disagree with. Of course I get the point, and while the gist of the saying is true, food is: so much more. Food is […]

PCOS Guide to Hair Loss: What You Need to Know

PCOS is a condition that affects only young women and is related to hormones and genetics. While the exact causes of PCOS have yet to be elucidated, it is clear that some PCOS patients to do experience hair loss. To learn more about the link between the two, we reached out to Dr. Andy Goren, […]

Robbie Williams talks candidly about ’embracing’ his hair loss

Watch: Robbie Williams ‘Embrace’ Hair Loss Robbie Williams says he is choosing to “embrace” his hair loss after trying several options to save it. The former Take That star, 48, was once voted the Smash Hits Poll winners ‘best haircut’ in the 90s but has previously tried various treatments to prevent hair loss. The Rock […]

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