Low vitamin B12 can increase the risk of bleeding

A surprising study from the UK shows that vegetarians and pescatarians (those who eat fish but not meat) seem to have an increased risk of bleeding strokes, even though they have a reduced risk of heart attacks and no increased risk of blood clotting strokes. (Brit with J, Sept. 2019;366:l4897). Researchers followed 48,188 healthy people […]

4 tips to lower cholesterol for a heart-healthy holiday season

Who wants to slog in the gym to stave off heart disease when you can enjoy time with loved ones? Not Us! Luckily, simple tricks lower cholesterol, control blood pressure, boost blood flow, and more. And that’s great news, because keeping your heart healthy will reduce your chances of COVID complications, and getting your triglycerides, […]

cholesterol. . . Again?

Q:Years ago, cholesterol was emphasized in numerous health talks. Nowadays I don’t hear much about it. Is cholesterol still relevant? A: Cholesterol became a household name in the 1980s and 1990s because of its association with atherosclerosis and disease of the heart, brain, and other blood vessels. Cholesterol travels through the body in the blood […]

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