Teenage brains aged faster during pandemic stress and anxiety: Study

In addition to sharply increased rates of anxiety and depression, Stanford University researchers found that the COVID-19 pandemic aged teenagers’ brains by nearly three years, according to a study published Thursday. In “Effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on mental health and brain maturation in adolescents”, the group of seven researchers compared MRI scans performed on […]

When Postpartum Depression Appears as Intense Anger

“After childbirth, there’s an incredible shift in reproductive hormones,” says Katherine L. Wisner, MD, professor of psychiatry and behavioral sciences and obstetrics and gynecology at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine. “Hormones – like estrogen and progesterone – go from as high as they’ll ever go to almost nothing once the placenta is delivered.” And some […]

7 tips for dealing with pre-shift anxiety (Podcast)

Caller Question: My wife, who is an ICU nurse, cries before going to work. She has cried every night before going to work for the last 4 weeks at her new job. She has been a nurse for 4 years and says that she loves being a nurse, but if she loved it, why does […]

Support for students’ mental health | edexec

In this long read, Dr. Fiona Aubrey-Smith explores how her school can proactively address and care for students’ mental health Read the full article below or read it on page 16 of our October issue In the wake of the COVID pandemic, it’s no secret that young people in our schools are facing even more […]

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