Cape Coral baby & pitbull found wandering street alone

CAPE CORAL, Fla. — An 18-month-old baby and a pitbull walk down a Cape Coral street, it sounds like the start of a bad joke but it was a strange reality for one Cape Coral resident after seeing exactly that last week.

According to an arrest report from the Cape Coral Police Department, a neighbor on NE 20th Avenue in Cape Coral saw the 18-month-old baby in nothing but a soiled diaper walking near the NE 24th Ter and NE 20th Avenue intersection Friday around 9 a.m.

The witness told police this wasn’t the first time they’ve seen the child and dog strolling the streets alone. They say it was the seventh time they’ve witnessed the duo taking a stroll together.

In the report, those witnesses told police they’ve returned the baby to its home in the past but the baby’s mother became “argumentative” in those instances.

The child walking in the road unattended wasn’t the only danger it faced, the child’s home was near a canal. The incident also occurred the morning a tropical storm hit Southwest Florida, dumping inches of rain throughout the area.

Police eventually made contact with the child’s mother, Mary Wright.

The report said she told officers her 8-year-old child was supposed to be watching the baby and she didn’t know the dog and baby were missing from the house. Police said the home was in disarray and the backyard was littered with sharp, rusty objects lying in a fire pit and in the grass near children’s toys and a swing set.

Wright was arrested for child neglect, but she has been released from the Lee County Jail on bond. DCF was contacted for the child’s care, their future is still uncertain.

Cape Coral baby & pitbull found wandering street alone

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