California lawyers push expanded role for NPs

The California Health Care Foundation examines new law in 2023 that creates a route for NPs to practice independently.

Public health stakeholders must support nursing professionals as a critical component of expanding access to healthcare in the state, says the California Health Care Foundation.

The foundation has published a summary of issues on AB 890, which takes effect in 2023 and which creates a route for NPs to practice independently.

“AB 890 presents opportunities to increase access to healthcare for Californians, especially those served in the safety net and those living in rural and underserved areas,” the CHCF says in the summary. “Nurses can accelerate change by adopting new models of practice, seizing opportunities in changing healthcare financing and delivery systems, and enhancing their business acumen.

The CHCF recommends that interested parties:

  • Promote understanding of what NPs provide and reach out to community leaders and the public about the role of NPs in improving access to care.
  • Remove remaining practice barriers, which include hospital policies that limit NP leadership roles and privileges, NP practices that cannot apply for rural health clinic designation, NPs that cannot be laboratory directors offering services in their own telehealth clinics and regulations.
  • Support nurse-run health centers that are not affiliated with academic health centers but may be affiliated with federally qualified primary care health centers.
  • Provide education and support for NPs, including “business knowledge and skills to find funding and run their own businesses or expand practices within institutions. NPs need the skills to manage complex institutional, financial, billing, compliance, human resources, and marketing issues.”NPs, clinical and health system leaders, policy makers, safety net providers and communities must be proactive in shaping attitudes and policies that impact their practice and address resistance from some medical organizations that seek to restrict any advancement of practice of NP”, the brief says.

    “To achieve this, NPs will need the active involvement of supporting physicians, other healthcare leaders and policymakers to attest to the safety and quality of NP practice. They will also need advocacy from their patients, sharing their experience of care with family and friends in the community.”

John Commins is a content expert and online news editor for HealthLeaders, a brand of Simplify Compliance.

California lawyers push expanded role for NPs

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