Breast Cancer Survival Rate and Symptoms Diagnosed by Amy Dowden After Finding a Lump

Breast cancer is the most common cancer worldwide and in the UK. According to the NHS, around one in eight women are diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.

Professional dancer Amy Dowden revealed on Wednesday (5/24) that she has been diagnosed with the disease. O Strictly come Dance The star, 32, described it as “another bump” in her life and said she saw a doctor after finding a hard lump in her right breast the day before she left for her honeymoon.

But a worrying number of women are unaware of the early signs of breast cancer. A 2019 study by cosmetics company Avon revealed that less than half (42 percent) of women surveyed were confident they knew what changes to look for in their breasts.

Meanwhile, a quarter of women thought a lump was the only sign of breast cancer. The results were from a survey of 19,000 women. Only two percent of participants were able to identify 10 common symptoms of breast cancer.

Although 73 percent of participants said they regularly check their breasts, 60 percent admitted they would be hesitant to seek medical advice out of shame or fear.

Furthermore, the majority of women surveyed were unaware that their lifestyle choices could put them at greater risk.

Nearly two-thirds were unaware that regular exercise could help protect against cancer, while 63% were unaware that alcohol is associated with a higher risk of the disease.

“Early detection is crucial to fighting breast cancer, but our research found that women don’t know their risks or what signs to look for,” said Sheri McCoy, chief executive officer of Avon.

Paul Goss, chairman of the scientific advisory board of the Avon Foundation and director of breast cancer research at Massachusetts General Hospital, added, “These numbers show how much work still needs to be done to raise awareness of breast cancer, particularly its signs, risks and how to act on concerns about it.”

So what are the signs and symptoms you should look out for?

Women are advised to check their breasts every month – in addition to a lump, other signs of breast cancer include a change in the size or shape of the breast, rash or sores on the skin, nipple discharge, indentation in the skin, constant pain or change in skin texture.

Likewise, swelling around the armpit or collarbone can be an indicator, as can an enlarged vein or inverted nipple.

If you notice any symptoms of breast cancer, the NHS advises that you see your doctor as soon as possible.

After the exam, your doctor will refer you to a specialist breast cancer clinic if they feel your symptoms need further evaluation.

You can find more information on how to check for breast cancer symptoms here.

Breast Cancer Survival Rate and Symptoms Diagnosed by Amy Dowden After Finding a Lump

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