Best multivitamins for women for 2023: top 4 brands recommended by expert websites

While a healthy diet is ultimately the best way to meet nutritional needs, many of us lack the time and resources necessary to consistently meet these guidelines. Multivitamins are a great way to supplement your diet, especially for women, who may experience times in their lives (such as menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause) when the body lacks essential vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking for the best multivitamin for women, StudyFinds is here to help.

There is much debate about whether multivitamins actually improve our health. While some studies suggest that the supplements are a waste, most doctors agree that taking one every day is recommended. In reality, recent research of Wake Forest University and Brigham and Women’s Hospital concludes that multivitamins may improve thinking ability in older individuals and help prevent cognitive decline. More than 6.5 million Americans are currently living with Alzheimer’s disease (the most common form of dementia).

But not all multivitamins are created equal. With so many options on the market, a lot needs to be considered, including nutrient quality, manufacturing, and suitability for a wide range of health needs and ages.

StudyFinds set out to find the top-rated daily multivitamin supplements for women on expert websites. For our findings, we visited 10 leading health websites to see which multivitamins for women were most recommended. Our list is ranked by the women’s multivitamins that get the most thumbs up on these sites.

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The List: Best Multivitamins for Women for 2022

1. Ritual essential

Ritual multivitamins are favored by both men and women, offering a comprehensive pill containing crucial ingredients that help improve overall health. Ingredients such as vitamin D, magnesium and omega-3 DHA help strengthen the immune system and fight the sluggish feeling we often get.

“The Vitamin Essential for Women is 100 percent vegan and contains nine key ingredients: folic acid, omega-3, B12, D3, iron, K2, boron and magnesium. The inclusion of omega-3 fatty acids, which can help regulate inflammation and reduce blood clotting, is rare for a multi,” says a gynecologist at Women’s Health Specialists in Dallas. Prevention.

A clinical study showed improvements in vitamin D and DHA levels in 105 healthy women ages 21 to 40 who took this product for 12 weeks, according to Healthline.

2. Garden of Life

Experts agree that if you’re looking for a pure, organic blend of vitamins to meet your nutritional needs, the Garden of Life multivitamin is a great place to start.

“These tablets contain 15 vitamins and minerals formulated from organic, whole foods that meet your full daily recommended values ​​or more. You also benefit from activated forms of vitamin B12 that boost energy levels and metabolism Best notes.

Garden of Life is an especially good option for those who feel their diet is lacking, with the brand including nutrition from 24 organically grown fruits and vegetables.

“With the added calcium, magnesium, zinc and folic acid it would help with the reproductive system, [which] can help you conceive or prepare for pregnancy,” Total shape adds.

3. Made by nature

Nature Made tops the list of multivitamins recommended by many health experts, not only because of its affordability, but also because of its efficient and reliable blend of 23 vitamins.

“You can get Nature Made multivitamins for women at any stage of their life – prenatal, postnatal and over 50. You can trust the quality of Nature Made because all products are third party tested and USP verified,” CNet writes.

Nature Made is also specifically known for including the recommended daily values ​​of vitamins such as iron and calcium, which are crucial for women’s blood and bone health.

Dr. Uma Naidoo, director of Nutritional & Lifestyle Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital, explains Insider the 13 essential vitamins, including A, B, C and D, play important roles in the body and are essential for healthy vision, skin and bones for both men and women.

4. Mega Food

MegaFood’s multivitamin contains an impressive list of vitamins, all derived from whole foods. The line of vitamins includes blends aimed at both women of childbearing age and those already in menopause.

“These once-daily multivitamins contain ingredients that can help balance your mood, improve your stress response (thanks to three adaptogens: ashwagandha, eleuthero, and Schisandra), and even improve premenstrual symptoms,” the Best writes.

Another added bonus? It’s a once-a-day pill.

“If you hate taking pills or you constantly forget to take them several times a day, then you should consider this option, which quite a few women online have named the best multivitamin a day for us,” Total shape adds.


As always, before making any final decisions regarding health products and supplement use, it is best to speak with your doctor first.

Note: This article is not paid for or sponsored. StudyFinds is not affiliated with or partnered with any of the brands mentioned and receives no compensation for its recommendations.

Best multivitamins for women for 2023: top 4 brands recommended by expert websites

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