Best Apple Watch Charging Stands 2023

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FOR THOSE of us who like to wear an Apple Watch every day, we all know how annoying it can be to keep our device constantly charged. Implementing a charging routine is the easiest way to ensure your Apple Watch is always charged and ready to go. So what’s the best way to set up a routine? We recommend ditching the flimsy charging cord and opting for a charging stand instead.

The beauty of a dedicated Apple Watch charging stand is that you can easily set your wearable down and not worry about it staying in line with the charging puck. Maybe you want to leave your Apple Watch on your nightstand so it can charge while you sleep? Or maybe you want to have your Apple Watch next to your WFH desk while you’re typing, because let’s face it, typing with a watch on can become a nuisance very quickly. To help you navigate the wide range of Apple Watch charging stands out there, we’ve rounded up our 11 favorite picks. Ahead you’ll find everything from Apple Watch wearable stands to 3-in-1 Magsafe charging stations. It’s time to set up your charging routine.

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Best 3-in-1 charging stand


3-in-1 wireless charger

Best 2-in-1 charging stand

otter box

2-in-1 charging station with MagSafe

Best charging stand for Apple Watch Ultra


Boost Charge Pro

Most Creative Apple Watch Charging Stand


W3 standard Compatible with Apple Watch

Amazon’s choice


Apple Watch stand

Best design

Nomadic goods

Base One Max

Best travel-friendly standard


Apple Watch Charger Stand

Best Apple Watch Charger for Macbooks


USB-C magnetic charging dock for Apple Watch

Best Charging Block for Apple Watch


36W for Apple charging block with built-in watch charger

Most durable Apple Watch charging stand


MagSafe Duo

Best Apple Watch Powerbank Charger


Boost Charge Power Bank 2K

How to use nightstand mode on your Apple Watch / h2>

Bedside Mode is a setting Apple made that turns your Apple Watch into a cool mini alarm clock. All you need to do is go to your settings on your Apple Watch and then tap “General”. Scroll down a few lines and then tap “Night Mode Mode”. You will then be presented with a screen that allows you to enable or disable the mode.

When bedside mode is on, you can place your Apple Watch on its side on your charging stand. The orientation looks like it’s holding your watch horizontally in the air, rather than lying flat like with a charging cord attached. For nightstand mode to work, all you need to do is set an alarm on your Apple Watch and then place it in the desired charging position. The power button and crown face up and the time on your watch is displayed horizontally instead of the traditional vertical reading you’re used to. Just before the alarm goes off, you’ll see the Apple Watch glow softly. Then when the alarm finally reaches the time you set, you can turn it off by tapping the crown on your watch.

As of this year, there are hundreds of Apple Watch charging stands on the market. Men’s health editors and writers, including our gear and trade editor John Thompson, have thoroughly researched and tested dozens of the best Apple Watch chargers, evaluating their durability, design and performance. We’ve also factored in price points, as some Apple Watch chargers offer better overall value than others.

Equipment and trade editor
John Thompson is the Gear and Commerce Editor at Men’s Health, where he covers fashion, grooming, gear and technology.

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Best Apple Watch Charging Stands 2023

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