“BEQ GROUP” with “MOJELIM” in partnership to become a world-class HAIR RESTORATION CENTER

“BEQ GROUP” with “MOJELIM” in partnership to become a world-class HAIR RESTORATION CENTER as the global market value in hair restoration surpasses ThaiBaht 200,000 million

BEQ Group strengthens its leadership in hair transplantation and partners with MOJELIM, a world-class hospital, as an academic collaboration between 2 countries to develop techniques and a modern hair transplant business model. This bilateral memorandum of understanding (MOU) will answer the jump in the growth of hair restoration business, with market values ​​of ThaiBaht 200,000 million. With a 3-year target, the collaboration will lead to a leading position as a learning center for a sustainable, dedicated, world-class hair restoration business model.

The global hair transplant business growth in 2022 records a market worth US$5,677.61 million. The market value is expected to escalate to US$8,777.56 million by 2027 in CAGR of up to 7.98%; in which the studies conducted by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery observe the same correlation. The number, in 2019, of global hair transplant surgery was 735,312 cases, 16% higher than in 2018. While North America had the largest market share, Asia Pacific has the highest growth rate to date, with over 35% by 2033 and the market expanding worth that ThaiBaht reaches 200,000 million.

Mr. Pornsak Jeamsawangporn, CEO and co-founder of BEQ GROUP said, “Thailand’s first MOU between BEQ GROUP, the leader in comprehensive hair transplant business and MOJELIM, South Korea’s No. 1 leader in hair restoration, also recognized for its world-al over 26 years of leading treatment technique, with over 120,000 customers, sets aim to become the ‘World-Class Hair Restoration Learning Center’ by 2025, creating the cooperation between 2 countries for sharing skills, technique and knowledge, as well as developing the medical technique for research and hair restoration.”

BEQ GROUP also plans to strengthen its business ecosystem to include all relevant factors such as hair restoration academy, hair restoration business management academy, integrated hair and scalp care center, distribution center for hair restoration medical supplies and import. It also includes a Fast Track – Short Cut scheme for entrepreneurs interested in setting up their own permanent hair transplant business; and physicians interested in specific expertise. This will support them in creating an opportunity to utilize their hair restoration skills, access to knowledge and modern techniques; it is all possible under this international cooperation. This MOU underlines BEQ GROUP’s leadership in hair restoration

Industry in the Asia region while strengthening its position to reach the international level. The value of the company is expected to increase both domestically and globally. The company will be able to assume its leadership in this industry and ready to move forward in terms of sustainability and become a world-class center in the near future.

“South Korea is the leader in research and development of hair restoration treatments and techniques. MOJELIM is a famous hospital with a respectful history of being the number 1 in South Korea in hair transplantation with more than one hundred thousand successful cases; therefore, collecting high records of experiences in both theory and practice. We are also on a common ground and see the same in developing our competencies and medical techniques to a higher level to raise the standard for a comprehensive treatment outcome. This benefits our customers who enjoy the effective and sustainable treatment,” said Mr. Pornsak

“MOJELIM is expanding our business to the international market, especially to Thailand. BEQ GROUP is Thailand’s leader in hair restoration with experience and capabilities to successfully manage their business and establish the business as envisioned. This will not only increase the opportunities for medical practice in the Asian region, but also for access to technology that will enhance their capabilities, enabling them to share their knowledge and develop studies that will all ultimately benefit the clients. Also, their hair restoration training needs to be further developed to meet international standards, and ready to share their 26 years of experience, 120,000 successful cases with doctors eager to participate in learning and implementing this knowledge for the benefit of their patients. ”said Dr Hwang Jung Wook, CEO of MOJELIM Hospital

Dr. Natitad Chinon, Institute Director of Pavicon Mediness Academy (PMA), Thailand’s first and only hair transplant institute under BEQ GROUP, said, “This partnership is an important step for the 2 companies to expand the market share of hair restoration. Our institute has continuously evolved as our training courses have improved, which is why we have become the hub brimming with knowledge and practices. With our expert teams, there are 10 business administration courses specific to modern hair transplantation; in addition, advisory services on hair restoration business management by an expert team with 10 years of experience and accumulated medical skills. We are committed to sharing our academic, business and practical skills for a better understanding of the art of hair transplantation. And our professional skills that we provide to our clients are beneficial to them and to the international standards of hair restoration.

To date, the hair transplant market is constantly growing; BEQ GROUP expects the market to grow by 20% in 2023 due to corporate restructuring relevant to the new economy. We have a plan to expand from our original company to become the sustainable HAIR RESTORATION CENTER of the world. The project

runs in the period 2023 – 2025, which will increase our company value to an estimated 1,400 million ThaiBaht by 2025 and will be the No. 1 in Asia.

Source: PR One network

“BEQ GROUP” with “MOJELIM” in partnership to become a world-class HAIR RESTORATION CENTER

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