Baby girl born on covered bridge on way to hospital

WATERVILLE, Vt. (WCAX) – One of Vermont’s newest residents has a unique claim — she was born while her parents crossed a covered bridge.

It was at the Kissing Bridge in Waterville that Vivienne June decided to make her presence known to the world, just as her parents were driving through the bridge and on the way to the hospital.

“‘She’s coming right now…’ and we made it through the bridge and by the time we came out through the other end, I had her in my arms,” said Rebecca Abair, the proud mother.

Abair and her partner Jesse Locke were having a normal Saturday when she started feeling some labor pains. They called the hospital, which told them it was likely early in the process. However, within an hour, all signs pointed to the fact they were about to have a baby, and fast, so they hopped in the car and only made it a couple minutes down the road in their truck.

“Rebecca was like, ‘She’s here!’ And I’m like, ‘What?’ In total shock. And I flicked on the light and she was just lying there in her mom’s arms,” Locke said.

Once they got to the hospital, Locke raced inside, prying the doors open because they weren’t opening fast enough. He just wanted to make sure his baby was ok. “I’m like, ‘The baby is in the truck.’ And they were like, ‘Just bring her in.’ I was like, ‘You don’t understand, her mom is holding her. She’s still attached. She was birthed in the truck.’ Then, nurses came out of everywhere,” Locke said.

Vivienne June was a healthy eight-pound, nine-ounce bundle of joy. All told, Abair was only in labor for 2.5 hours, from the first pain, until Vivienne was born on the bridge.

“She was actually really calm, probably calmer than I was, but she did great, very proud of her,” Locke said.

“I feel like it was more like just adrenaline. It was just like go mode, you just did what you have to do,” Abair said.

Vivienne is now five days old and is settling into life with her parents and dog. “She’s been a really good baby. She sleeps all day, all night, except for when I have to wake her, and she’s perfect,” Abair said.

The new parents say life has been relatively calm since Vivienne burst into the world. But for the next baby, they say they’ll be ready. “He said with the next one, as soon as the first pain comes, he’s bringing me straight to the hospital,” Abair said.

“No chances will be taken,” added Locke.

They are now looking forward to spending time together watching Vivienne grow up. “She’s definitely strong-willed and it will be on her terms whatever it is,” Abair said.

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Baby girl born on covered bridge on way to hospital

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