Baby formula drive to be held in Hartford this weekend

HARTFORD, CT (WFSB) – As the federal government works to ramp up production of baby formula, communities are taking matters into their owns hands.

Formula drives are being organized across the state, including in Hartford.

Eyewitness News spoke to a Hartford resident who has been struggling to find formula for his six-month-old daughter.

Timothy Fraylon is organizing a formula drive this weekend in Hartford.

He said it’s about connecting people with the resources they need and supporting one another.

“It’s been very very difficult because it hit us out of nowhere. Like it’s something we weren’t prepared for,” said Timothy.

Timothy is a father of two and has a six-month-old daughter named Riyah.

She was born prematurely, and it’s been difficult finding the formula she needs.

“We went to different towns, out of state. We had family from all over, all across the country searching for formula for us and others as well,” said Timothy.

Timothy has been going to formula swaps and drives.

After attending one in Hartford last week, he wanted to step in and help parents and caretakers struggling to find infant formula.

Timothy is organizing a formula swap this weekend in Hartford.

“What happens to the parent like I said who can’t get to what they need to get to? Who can’t get there because they don’t have transportation? Who can’t get something because they don’t have the finances? What are we going to do for them?” he said.

Abbott’s Michigan formula plant closed in February because of safety concerns, and that set off the shortage.

Operation Fly Formula has so far brought in the equivalent of 3 million bottles to the United States and more are scheduled to arrive next week.

President Joe Biden says the shortage will be an issue for several more weeks despite the help from Europe.

“So I ask you to keep focused, stay focused, stay in high gear. We can’t let up in the, in the infant formula market back, until it’s all the way back to normal. And that’s gonna take a couple more months, but we’re making significant progress,” said Biden.

In the meantime, Timothy says it is important communities stand together to connect people with the resources they need.

“People need help. People need resources. People need more people to step up and do what they can do to help,” said Timothy.

The Hartford formula drive will take place Saturday June 4 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 75 Sterling Street.

It’s taking place at a community BBQ.

The Abbott plant should be back in business early this month.

Baby formula drive to be held in Hartford this weekend

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