Baby Elephant Tries to ‘Intimidate’ Camera Operator in Adorable Video

Adorable footage that showed a baby elephant trying to “intimidate” a camera operator has gone viral online.

The video, posted to Reddit‘s “Aww” forum by u/ChrisPChicken04, has amassed more than 15,000 upvotes and nearly 200 comments from charmed Redditors, who believe the small animal was practicing a “mock” charge.

Mock charging, said South African news website News24, is a tactic elephants use to determine whether or not someone is a threat. And according to a study published in the Journal of Biodiversity & Endangered Species, mock charges tend to be somewhat theatrical.

“Visual cues may include strenuous ear-flapping, twiddling of the trunk, vocal sounds (may include trumpet), swinging of one of the forelegs to and fro, rocking from side to side, kicking dust, tail raising and etc.,” the study’s authors explained.

Baby elephant
Adorable footage that shows a baby elephant trying to “intimidate” someone has gone viral online. The elephant appeared to be performing a “mock” charge.

“An agitated elephant may run a few paces toward and then away from the intruder, making trumpeting sounds, in an attempt to scare the intruder. If this fails it may launch a more serious attack—a mock charge culminating in an impressive display within a short distance from the intruder,” the study’s authors continued.

Real charges, on the other hand, tend to be much more “silent” and involve fewer cues.

While the baby elephant seen in u/ChrisPChicken04’s post doesn’t make a sound, it does put on a bit of a show upon noticing that it’s being filmed.

In the clip, the baby stops and stares at the camera operator before fanning its ears and charging at them. As the elephant inches closer to the camera operator, however, it slows down and darts to the right, eventually taking refuge behind a nearby bush.

In the background, two larger elephants roam around, seemingly unbothered by the fact that they’re being filmed.

Commenters loved the video and called the baby’s mock charge “precious.”

“‘Imma scare you…From behind this tree,'” joked u/PowerRealist.

“How funny! Twenty years from now, that will be terrifying!” exclaimed u/Dliltsadwj.

“Holy crap that’s cute,” commented u/DLoIsHere.

“He said: you don’t want what’s in this trunk boy!” quipped u/Chrisscott25.

“I know that baby is still several hundred pounds and could likely flatten me if he wanted to, but he’s just too [small] to be scary,” wrote u/macespadawan87.

Redditor u/Brookelette89 added: “This is soooo precious.”

Other elephant videos to go viral include a TikTok showing a family of elephants walking in front of a South African hotel room, a video of an elephant calling for humans to help save a drowning antelope, and a clip of an elephant mom thanking the rescuers who pulled her baby out of a well.

Baby Elephant Tries to ‘Intimidate’ Camera Operator in Adorable Video

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