Art Medical announces a partnership with Teva Israel to bring life-saving technology to critical care units

Art Medical Ltd. is pleased to announce its collaboration with Teva Israel. Under the terms of the agreement, Teva Israel will market and distribute ART MEDICAL’s innovative SMART+ platform in intensive care units in Israel.

NETANYA, ISRAEL / ACCESSWIRE / MARCH 16, 2023 / The smART+ platform is a robot-assisted technology aimed at reducing complications related to feeding tube malposition, malnutrition, ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), and acute kidney injury (AKI). By bringing transformative new data to the world, the Smart+ platform enables medical staff to take a holistic approach to critical care, make informed decisions, and improve patient outcomes.

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The current relevant practices in intensive care units are mostly based on manual labor and cumbersome procedures. ICU patients are routinely at risk of malnutrition, poor tube placement, and pneumonia. Without technological solutions, nutritional therapy leads to inaccuracies and increased workloads on care teams and public nutrition plans that are not customized or updated in real time. The smART+ platform uses a sensor-based feeding tube, continuous metabolic assessment, and algorithms to provide real-time monitoring and closed feedback, resulting in better, personalized care for critically ill patients.

ART MEDICAL Founder and CEO Liron Elia says, “Our goal, at ART MEDICAL, is to improve patient outcomes through the latest technology. By integrating real-time data, monitoring and control mechanisms, the SMART+ platform addresses many of care units’ greatest clinical challenges.” “This powerful combination provides an innovative, comprehensive nutritional therapy practice as well as delivering enhanced care. We are delighted to partner with Teva Israel to bring our technology to critically ill patients and clinical teams in intensive care units.”

Yossi Ofek, GM-Teva Israel, SVP; Cluster Head – Middle East, Africa and Ukraine says:

Teva Israel constantly strives to offer innovative and safe treatment options – both in the community and in hospitals – in order to improve the lives and health of patients.

“The innovative development of an Israeli company, ART MEDICAL, aims to ensure that patients in intensive care units receive the most advanced treatment offered today that can reduce complications related to hospitalization and shorten the length of stay.”

About Teva Israel:

“Teva Israel” is the home marketing arm of Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, improving the lives and health of patients, for over 120 years, with high quality, affordable medicines.

As a leading player in the local health market and especially in the non-prescription and informal drug markets, Teva Israel offers unique services in Israel to residents of Israel, through the logistics company SLE – and markets a wide range of medicines and products: from original innovative medicines and generics, from Over medical equipment and devices for hospitals, over-the-counter (OTC) medications and infant formula.

Teva Israel is also an innovation incubator for Teva Global and, in collaboration with Philips, created Sanara Ventures, a platform for investing in startups in the fields of digital medicine and medical devices. In Israel, one out of every four prescriptions is for Teva, while the annual savings that the company’s generics bring to the Israeli health care system are estimated at about one and a half billion shekels annually.

About Art Medical

ART MEDICAL is on a mission to save lives through technological innovations and redefine the future of critical care. Our goal is to see ICU patients get better faster with the help of real-time nutrition management. Visit or follow us on LinkedIn for more information.

Forward-looking statements for Medical Arts

ART MEDICAL developed the SMART+™ platform as a comprehensive approach for the next generation of the intensive care unit, featuring an ecosystem of sensor-based tools, software, and algorithms. SMART+ is designed to prevent ICU-acquired complications. The smART+ platform aims to reduce the length of ventilation days and length of stay attributable to malnutrition, VAP, infections and other secondary complications, ultimately providing better care, and significantly reducing healthcare costs.


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Art Medical announces a partnership with Teva Israel to bring life-saving technology to critical care units

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