Are they a good match in love and friendship?

Are you a Cancer trying to make friends with a new Taurus colleague at the workplace? Or maybe you’re Taurus, trying to figure out why your Cancer best friend has been so grumpy (pun intended) lately. Whatever the case, you’ve been wondering what your compatibility is with the other sign – and you’ve come to the right place. Read on for everything you need to know when it comes to Taurus and Cancer compatibility in love and friendship.

All About Taurus Partners: Taurus Needs and Wants

Let’s start with a little information about each sign. If you’re born between April 20th and May 20th, you’re a Taurus… the most earthy earth sign ever. Your earth sign companions are Virgo and Capricorn. Taureans are represented by Taurus and ruled by Venus, the planet that influences beauty, money, luxury and love. And there’s nothing a Taurus loves more than being surrounded by comforting material possessions: a soft bed, a luxurious wool blanket, and silk pajamas, please! Pleasure is super important to a Taurus, but so is the value of hard work. After all, Taurus is represented by a bull, and these earth signs aren’t afraid to put their heads down and sweat it out for what they want. They value money almost as much as they value their weekly bath ritual or their favorite vanilla-scented candle.

Part of the reason for this is that Taureans crave stability, and nothing says stability like consistently adding money to a savings account. Balancing your desire for earthly pleasures with your love of security that comes from work ethic and patience is the key to overall happiness for a Taurus man or woman. Taureans can be fixed earth signs who are friendly to everyone, but it takes a lot of time and effort to really break through their inner walls and develop the kind of lasting intimate relationships that many of us crave.

All About Cancer Partners: Cancer Needs and Wants

If you were born between June 22nd and July 22nd, you are a Cancer. Cancer is a water sign, along with Scorpio and Pisces, and is represented by the Cancer. Often described as the crybabies of the zodiac, Cancer men and women are sensitive and emotional, but also deeply empathetic; they also often have spiritual or mystical beliefs. Cancers typically have a strong connection to their subconscious and love to spend time in the realm of their dreams, channeling their imaginative impulses into art. Ruled by the moon, which rules domesticity and the home, Cancers are great dinner hosts, listeners, and caretakers. Crabs like to take care of others, but they must often make sure they don’t cross the line and become suffocating. These traits also make Cancers homely, although this should not be confused with introversion. This sign simply prefers to entertain and be entertained in the comfort of their own homes.

Taurus-Cancer Compatibility Explained

So are Taurus and Cancer compatible in a relationship? The answer is a resounding yes – this couple has romantic and sexual compatibility. Both signs appreciate the sensual and comforting things in life and can find common ground in how they like to spend their time and money. On a deeper level, both signs seek similar values ​​in a relationship: trust is huge, as is mutual respect, and both signs crave the security of knowing they’re with someone who sees and values ​​them for who they are.

While these two signs have many shared interests and values, there are some areas in the relationship where they can struggle. Communication is important: Cancers tend to be closed off and passive-aggressive when expressing their needs, while Taureans are often direct, which can annoy their Crab counterpart. However, Taureans tend to be very patient and Cancers are known to be good listeners. These two traits can help this duo overcome any difficulties they may have in communicating their needs in the relationship, be it a friendship or more. Once Cancer feels safe enough to express what it really wants, and Taurus learns to let Cancer express itself on its own terms, this pair will be basically unstoppable.

A friendship with emotional depth

This pairing is especially powerful in friendship; their shared interests and hobbies allow for an easy emotional connection. If you’re craving a cozy evening with good food and your favorite romantic comedies, it’s a safe bet to call your Cancer or Taurus friend. Another bonus: Both Cancers and Taureans share a similar sense of style and appreciation for luxury goods.

However, as Taurus and Cancer avoid conflict, you may find that you and your BFF are sweeping problems in your relationship under the rug. To avoid this, try to identify problems as you see them, rather than letting them go unnoticed. I promise your friend can handle a little positive conflict, and being able to communicate the issues will only serve to increase the trust and respect in your relationship. This is particularly true for the Cancer in the pair: this sign notoriously hates conflict in a relationship – but being blunt will only improve your relationship with a Taurus woman or man with a bull head who respects directness and honesty. To any Cancers reading this: trust that your relationship is strong enough to weather a few conflicts – it might even make your bond more meaningful in the long run.

Taurus and Cancer Couples: Love Compatibility

Cancer and Taurus are incredibly compatible in love, as well as friendship. Sparks are sure to fly between these two right off the bat, as their desires and preferred love languages ​​complement each other well. Cancers love to nurture and Taureans, ruled by Venus, love to be taken care of. This makes them a great match both in conversation and in the bedroom. This desire compatibility means that a Taurus-Cancer relationship can go from zero to sixty very quickly. It’s easy to build trust and intimacy with someone who already seems to understand exactly what you want! Just make sure you take the time to really get to know your partner instead of basking in the joy of seemingly having so much in common.

If a short fling is what you want, that’s fine too – as long as you recognize that valuable, lasting relationships take time to create. One of the best features of a Taurus-Cancer pairing is how the ease of being around each other helps these two signs break down their walls; these can be built quite tall for both the Taurus and the Crab. Cancers can find it difficult to feel emotionally intimate with another person unless a high level of trust has been established, whereas Taureans are often so focused on the here and now that they miss out on the benefits of thinking beyond the present moment.

The end result of compatibility with Taurus and Cancer

So are sensitive Cancer and stubborn Taurus compatible? The long and short answers are yes, absolutely – this couple makes an excellent love match. Not only will these two understand each other right off the bat thanks to shared interests and desires, but the relationship could easily deepen into something much more intimate and worthwhile if Cancer and Taurus work to overcome their personal romantic challenges. .

For Cancer, this means being direct about your needs and desires, rather than being closed off or passive-aggressive. For Taurus, that means having patience with Cancer and not letting your own stubbornness or brutal honesty get in the way of meaningful emotional dialogue. Ultimately, the success of this pairing comes down (as always seems to be the case) to good communication. Work to have direct and productive conversations, and any problems this pair may face will quickly fall by the wayside. Don’t fret over the small differences that may exist between the two of you, or let them build up and lead to resentments that put cracks in your mutual understanding. Done right, the Cancer-Taurus relationship can be immensely rewarding.

Are they a good match in love and friendship?

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