Announcing the first speakers of Positive Nutrition 2023

FoodNavigator puts the link between diet and population health in the spotlight this March when it hosts the first ever face-to-face positive nutrition conference. Transforming the format from a digital event into a physical event, we will deliver the same high-quality content with deeper networking and interaction opportunities.

Over the course of three days (March 29-31), FoodNavigator journalists will be joined by a range of experts from nutritionists and nutrition scientists to food entrepreneurs and major brands to examine how the latest nutrition science and technology can meet evolving consumer demands. Our exciting group of speakers will look to the future of wellness across key categories including snacks, beverages and prepared foods.

We are proud to announce that the first batch of speakers has now been confirmed. Highlights include:

  • Miguel Freitas, Vice President, Scientific Affairs, Danone North America, will talk us through the links between diet, microbiome, and health. A strong body of scientific evidence indicates that healthy gut bacteria can support factors from physical health to mental health. How does this increased awareness support food and beverage innovation?
  • Louis Bidwill, Co-Founder and Managing Director, Mission VenturesHe will bring his expertise in accelerating entrepreneurial ideas to the table as we discuss the opportunity to build better-for-you brands that cater to young people.
  • Matt Dunn, General Manager, Plantedwill talk about the role of plant-based innovation in supporting positive nutrition while we address concerns that the category is replacing one ultra-processed product with another.
  • Rakesh Sharma, Director of Research and Development, PepsiCowill talk us through the role of innovation and reformulation as the snack-to-beverage giant shifts its portfolio toward healthier alternatives.

Click here for the full list of speakers and check out more details about the program here.

Positive Nutrition 2023 includes a dynamic content agenda covering five core topics:

Session 1: Rethinking Reframing

Nutritionists have encouraged us to eat more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains for decades—but this approach fails to address issues like obesity. Therefore, reformulation and innovation are key to securing a healthier and more sustainable future for food. In this session, FoodNavigator journalists will be joined by expert speakers to discuss how to address public health challenges by leveraging technological advances and ingredient innovation. What will health products look like in 2023 and beyond?

Session Two: Botanical Potential

Most of us need to increase the plant content in our diet to meet government-backed recommendations like the Eatwell plate. But with the term “vegan” stretched to include anything from ultra-processed burger patties, to bakery products and vegan bars, is there a risk that the plant-based category is falling into the role of healthy washing? How can innovation in the plant-based space ensure that products offer nutritionally dense, clean label products that also meet consumers’ sensory expectations?

Session 3: Food as medicine

Between nutritional interventions that promise to help reverse the emergence of non-communicable diseases such as obesity and the rejection of “diet” in favor of maintaining wellness and positive body weight management, comes a more nuanced understanding of the relationship between diet and health to shape consumers’ attitudes toward food – and the innovation strategies of the brands that serve them. But, looking beyond the hype, what components and strategies are really being offered in this space? How can benefits be communicated?

Session 4: How technology is changing wellness and diet

Digital technological developments have a profound impact on what we eat. From digital apps that promise personalized nutritional advice and advice, to artificial intelligence that can help reformulate products bigger and faster, we’ll analyze what the digital revolution means for positive nutrition and population health.

Session 5: The life cycle of nutrition

The nutrients we need change dramatically as we age. Our bodies need very different diets to support wellness, from tweens to teens, from zoom to baby boomers. What opportunities for innovation does an in-depth understanding of the nutrition life cycle provide and how can the food industry meet the fragmented needs of the mass market?

We’ll bring together stakeholders from industry, academia, and civil society to outline the latest in nutrition science and discuss why good food is good business. Along with a program of informative and interactive content, the three-day event will be packed with quality networking opportunities to connect with your peers and discuss the innovation opportunity that health innovation provides to the mass market.

For more information or to register, click here. Book before February 3 to take advantage of the early discount.

Announcing the first speakers of Positive Nutrition 2023

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