ACGME recognizes 2023 medical education graduate community

Chicago, IL, November 1, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) is proud to announce its 2023 Award recipients, recognizing strength, innovation and commitment to the graduate medical education (GME) community that these recipients displayed. Winners will be formally recognized at the 2023 ACGME Annual Education Conference, held in Nashville, Tennessee, February 23-25, 2023.

“The awardees truly embody this year’s conference theme, Meaning in Medicine: Making a Difference, and have made immeasurable contributions to the postgraduate medical education community. We are proud to have such talented individuals and programs supporting the medical education continuum as they navigate great uncertainty,” said ACGME President and CEO Thomas J. Nasca, MD, MACP.

John C. Gienapp Award for Distinguished Service
Honoring individuals who have dedicated their careers to the GME and made outstanding contributions to the enhancement of residency and education from ACGME fellowships and accreditation activities, the John C. Gienapp Distinguished Service Award is presented to Elias Traboulsi, MD, MEd of Cleveland Clinic and from the Cole Eye Institute. The Doctor. Traboulsi is recognized for his significant systematic changes to training and education programs at the Cleveland Clinic, where he served as a designated institutional staff member for 16 years and was instrumental in developing interprofessional collaborative services for programs and students. The Doctor. Traboulsi completed his residency in ophthalmology at the American University Medical Center in Beirut and Georgetown University Medical Center; he has won numerous awards, including the Sam and Maria Miller Master Educator Award from the Cleveland Clinic, the Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Academy of Ophthalmology, and the ACGME Parker J. Palmer Courage to Lead Award (2019); and supported ACGME International and ACGME’s Pursuing Excellence in Clinical Learning Environments initiative.

Barbara Ross-Lee, DO Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Award
The Barbara Ross-Lee, DO Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Award honors ACGME-accredited sponsoring institutions and programs, as well as expert organizations working to diversify the underrepresented medical workforce and create inclusive workplaces that promote humane, civil and equitable. The 2023 recipients are:

  • Association of Pediatric Program Directors (Specialized Organization)
  • Cleveland Clinic, Family Medicine (Program)
  • Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine (Sponsoring Institution)

David C. Leach Award
The David C. Leach Award recognizes residents and fellows who have promoted innovation and improvement in their programs, advanced humanism in medicine, and greater efficiency and emphasis on educational outcomes. The 2023 recipients are:

  • Christina Baxter Vernace, DO; University of Florida; Team: Angelina Bernier, MD; Maria Catarina Hart; Lindsay Thompson, MD; Keiaria Williams; Gainesville, Florida; Pediatrics
  • Abhiram M. Kondajji, DO, MS; Cleveland Clinic’s South Pointe Hospital; Warrensville Heights, Ohio; Surgery
  • Evelyn Obregon, MD; University of Florida; Gainesville, Florida; Pediatrics
  • Manogjna R. Prasad, MD; New York Medical School at Saint Michael Medical Center; Harrison, New Jersey; Internal medicine
  • David R. Velez, MD; University of North Dakota; West Fargo, North Dakota; Surgery

Debra L. Dooley Excellence Award for GME Program Coordinator
The GME Debra L. Dooley Award of Excellence for Program Coordinators is presented to program coordinators in recognition of their deep understanding of the accreditation process, excellent communication and interpersonal skills, and projects to improve residency and fellowship programs. The 2023 recipients are:

  • Juliet A. Arthur, MHA, C-TAGME; SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University; Brooklyn, New York; Psychiatry
  • Sherry Bucholz, BA, C-TAGME; Sacred Heart of Providence Medical Center; Spokane, Washington; Diagnostic Radiology
  • Sharon M. Ezzo, MA, C-TAGME; Cleveland Clinic; Cleveland, Ohio; Epilepsy
  • Bernadett R. Mahanay, C-TAGME; Stanford University School of Medicine; Stanford, California; Anesthesiology Scholarships
  • Bethany J. Millar, C-TAGME; University of Washington School of Medicine; St. Louis, Missouri; Internal medicine

GME Institutional Coordinator Excellence Award
The GME Institutional Coordinator Excellence Award recognizes institutional coordinators who demonstrate in-depth knowledge of graduate medical education and the internal review process. These people deftly manage the multiple roles of administrator, adviser, executor, coordinator, organizer, and planner. The 2023 recipients are:

  • Leslie Caulder, MS, C-TAGME; University of Florida School of Medicine at Jacksonville; Jacksonville, Florida
  • Bret Stevens, MBA, C-TAGME; McLaren medical assistance; Grand Blanc, Michigan
  • Michael A. Venten, MBA; Stony Brook Medicine; Stony Brook, New York

Parker J. Palmer Courage to Lead Award
The Parker J. Palmer Courage to Lead Award honors designated institutional officials who have demonstrated strong leadership and astute management of resources and have encouraged innovation and improvement in residency and fellowship programs and their sponsoring institutions. The 2023 recipients are:

  • Kimberly M. Baker-Genaw, MD, FACP; Health Henry Ford; Detroit, Michigan
  • Susan E. Kirk, MD; University of Virginia; Charlottesville, Virginia
  • Antoinette Spevetz, MD; Cooper University Health Care, Cooper Medical School at Rowan University; Camden, New Jersey

Parker J. Palmer Courage to Teach Award
The Parker J. Palmer Courage to Teach Award recognizes program directors who have driven innovation and improvement in their residency/fellowship programs and served as role models for residents and fellows. The 2023 recipients are:

  • Karen J. Brasel, MD, MPH; Oregon Health and Science University; Portland, Oregon; Surgery
  • Christine S. Cho, MD, MPH, MEd; Children’s Hospital Los Angeles; Los Angeles, California; Pediatric Emergency Medicine
  • Deborah J. Chute, MD; Robert J. Tomsich Institute of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Cleveland Clinic; Cleveland, Ohio; Pathology-anatomical and clinical
  • Richard G. Ellenbogen, MD, FACS; University of Washington; Seattle, Washington; Neurological Surgery
  • Shashank Kraleti, MD, FAAFP; University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences; Little Rock, Arkansas; family medicine
  • Timothy R. Long, MD, FASA; Mayo Clinic; Rochester, Minnesota; anesthesiology
  • Adriana K. Malone, MD; Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; New York, New York; Hematology and Medical Oncology
  • Alisa A. McQueen, MD; University of Chicago; Chicago, Illinois; Pediatrics
  • Alec B. O’Connor, MD, MPH; University of Rochester; Rochester, New York; Internal medicine
  • Sandor H. Shoichet, MD, FACP; Beaumont Hospital, Royal Oak; Royal Oak, Michigan; Internal medicine

ACGME Awards honor the best in GME. The ACGME Blog will feature interviews and more information about this year’s outstanding awardees over the coming months.

Nominations for the 2024 ACGME Awards open in January 2023. New for the 2024 cycle is an award that the ACGME is pleased to share with the GME community, named in honor of Lewis Blackman, a vibrant and intelligent young man who died when a series of posts – operative problems after elective surgery at a teaching hospital went unrecognized by the nurses and residents who cared for him. The Lewis Blackman Patient Safety Award will be presented to residents and fellows who demonstrate exemplary skills in leading projects or programs to improve patient safety education for physicians, which may include residents, fellows, or other healthcare professionals.

Learn more about the ACGME Awards program on the ACGME website.


ACGME is a private, not-for-profit professional organization responsible for accrediting more than 12,700 residency and fellowship programs and approximately 870 institutions that sponsor these programs in the United States. Residency and fellowship programs educate more than 150,000 medical residents and fellows in 182 specialties and subspecialties. The ACGME’s mission is to improve health care and the health of the population by evaluating and improving the quality of education for residents and fellow physicians through advances in credentialing and education.

ACGME recognizes 2023 medical education graduate community

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