90 Day Fiancé’s Emily Shows Off 55 Pound Weight Loss In New Full-Body Photo

After seeing fans’ curiosity about her fitness journey, 90 Day Fiancé alum Emily Bieberly posts her new full-body photo to reveal her weight loss.

Earlier 90 Day Fiancé star Emily Bieberly recently showed off her postpartum figure in a full-body selfie on Instagram. Most fans may know the 31-year-old reality star from season 9 of the TLC show, where she went on an interesting journey with her Cameroonian beau, Kobe Blaise. In recent years, Emily has become a mother to a beautiful little boy Koban and a sweet baby Scarlett. She has gained some baby weight which she is now trying to lose.


Since her debut, Emily has shared several updates on her ongoing postpartum journey, talking to fans about her progress. She’s been quiet lately though, which made 90 Day Fiancé viewers curious. In a recent Q&A on Instagram, a fan asked Emily to share a photo of what she “currently Look Like it,” as she has been “on a weight Loss trip.” Emily quickly responded with a full-body gym selfie showing off her new physique. She wrote, “Losed 25 Pounds Since Having Scarlett,” and added that she still needs to lose 40 pounds to reach her weight loss goal.

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Emily Bieberly - 55 Pound Weight Loss - New Full Body Photo - 90 Day FiancéEmily Bieberly’s fitness journey through the years

90 Day Fiancée star Emily Bieberly side-by-side photos of weight loss

90 Day Fiancé fans are always happy to hear that Emily has reached her fitness milestones as she has struggled with extra pounds before. She talked about being overweight in her early 20s, which led her to pursue a workout-intensive routine. During that time, Koban and Scarlett’s mother lost a lot of weight, gaining almost 147 pounds. However, things changed when Emily moved to China and didn’t have enough time to pursue her fitness lifestyle. She subsequently became pregnant twice, resulting in natural weight gain. After having two babies, Emily is back on track and focusing on her new weight loss journey.

It’s good that Emily is sharing her early morning workout photos on Instagram as it keeps fans updated and keeps her motivated. She welcomed her second baby girl with Kobe on October 5, 2021 and has found a good fitness routine over the months. It is inspiring to see that she has lost more than 50 kilos in a year, even though breastfeeding did not help her like other women 90 Day Fiancé mothers. Emily’s dedication has helped her get in shape, which is a great achievement for her and a great motivational story for fans.

Most viewers once considered Emily a controversial star due to her self-centered actions, constant humiliation of her beauty and annoying attitude. However, things have changed like most 90 Day Fiancé fans now love Emily’s social media influencer avatar. Many think the Pillow talking helped restore the Kansas native’s reputation on social media. Other factors, such as the 90 Day Fiancé alum’s real life videos with her kids, fun family videos, and her honesty also play a role.

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Source: Emily Bieberly/Instagram

90 Day Fiancé’s Emily Shows Off 55 Pound Weight Loss In New Full-Body Photo

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