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It is very easy to start a diet and fitness program. Millions do it every day. Have you ever wondered if so many people are dieting, why is there such an obesity epidemic? The answer is that most lose motivation and stop losing weight within a few weeks. It’s easy to get motivated for a few days or a week, but very hard to maintain that motivation. Below are 6 weight loss motivation tips that have been proven to be helpful in getting people to work towards their fitness goals.

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1. Write down your goals. It doesn’t matter if your goal is to lose 10 pounds of fat or 200 pounds of fat, it should be put in writing. Just putting the pen to paper will fuel your motivation. You should revisit your goal when you start your day and right before you go to bed.

2. Imagine your success. Find a picture of someone who has the body you want. Replace their head with yours and place it somewhere you will see it every day. Every time you see it, you will be refocused on your goal for a healthier you.

3. Have a why. Make sure your reason to lose fat and get healthy is a strong one. Look at things like being there for your family, not having to take expensive medications and just being able to enjoy life. As the saying goes “when the why is strong enough, the how becomes easy”.

4. Create subgoals. Be sure to break down your goals. If your goal is to lose 60 pounds, it can be a bit overwhelming. Lowering the target weight loss to 5 lbs at a time makes it easier to focus on 5 lbs at a time. As a bonus, you’ll be much more motivated to keep going once you hit 5 lbs of weight loss each.

5. Join a fitness challenge. There are many challenges you can take part in where you compete against others. Competition is always a strong motivator and the prizes given to the winner don’t hurt either.

6. Reward yourself. Give yourself a reward when you reach each weight loss goal. Make the rewards proportional. The reward for 5 lbs should not be as large as the reward for your final weight goal. That way you always work towards a bigger prize. This will definitely keep you motivated during your fat loss program.

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Just take it one day at a time and make the most of each day. Before you know it you’ll be in top form.

Stay consistent, consistency is key.

Reference: Mark L Crews

6 tips for motivation to lose weight | Anna Murphy

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