6 of the best laser products for hair growth

Laser hair growth therapy uses lasers to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss. There are several home laser products available for purchase online.

A quick look at 6 of the best laser products for hair regrowth

This article discusses laser therapy, how it works, and who can benefit from it. It also discusses some of the laser products available online and answers frequently asked questions.

Laser hair regrowth is a therapy that uses low-level lasers to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles to reduce hair loss and promote hair growth.

Research suggests that low-level laser treatment can:

  • prolong the growth phase, anagen, of the hair cycle
  • stimulate follicles in the resting phase, telogen, to move into the growth phase
  • delay the transition to the regression phase, catagen

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently approves these devices for the treatment of male and female hair loss or androgenetic alopecia.

A 2016 review of 21 studies found that low-level laser therapy is a safe and effective treatment in people with male and female hair loss that has not responded to other treatments. However, the authors also noted that more research is needed to investigate the effectiveness of this treatment.

A more recent review examined the effect of various laser products available online on men and women with hair loss. The authors found that these products improved hair growth and density with minimal side effects.

The side effects that people may experience are:

However, the authors also note that many of the studies they reviewed had a conflict of interest with companies that make laser hair growth treatments. As a result, the results may be biased and more research is needed.

Medical News Today chooses laser hair growth products based on the following criteria:

  • FDA approval: All products have received FDA approval for the treatment of hair loss in men and women.
  • Reputable: All companies will have a Better Business Bureau (BBB) ​​page and a Trustpilot page where possible.
  • Warranties: Where possible, all companies provide warranties and return policies.

A person may want to consider the following factors before purchasing laser products:

  • FDA approval: People should only consider buying from companies that have received FDA approval for their products. This means that the company has demonstrated that its products are equivalent to other products that have already received FDA approval or approval.
  • testimonials: People may want to check out customer ratings and reviews on third-party websites like the BBB or Trustpilot.
  • Warranties: People should read all warranties and return policies carefully before buying a product to make sure that the company will provide a replacement or refund if the product is faulty.
  • Cost: Laser hair regrowth products can be expensive. People may want to consider their budget before purchasing.

There are several FDA-approved products available to purchase online.

Best for recharging on the go: HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272

This cap has 272 laser diodes and a water-resistant silicone insert that protects the diodes and makes the cap easier to clean.

In addition, this product comes with a micro-USB rechargeable battery pack for on-the-go charging.

HairMax offers a two-year warranty and a one-year money-back guarantee. The company states that after 6 months of using this product, people will begin to notice significant improvements.

Although HairMax does not have a BBB page, customers give the company an average of 3.1 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot.

Pros and cons

Those who left positive product reviews on the HairMax website indicate that they noticed less hair loss when using this laser cap alongside other treatments, such as minoxidil.

However, those who have left more negative reviews report that the battery doesn’t last long and the cap doesn’t fit well on the head.

Price: The HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272 costs $1899.

Read more about HairMax here.

Best for an affordable laser cap: iRestore Essential

This cap has 120 medical grade lasers and LEDs. The company states that it targets the areas where most people experience hair loss, and people can notice the benefits within 3-6 months.

The BBB gives iRestore an A+ rating. However, the average customer rating on Trustpilot is 2.3 out of 5 stars.

This cap is one of the most affordable options available online. In addition, the company offers a 12-month money-back guarantee and a one-year warranty.

Pros and cons

Customers on the iRestore website state that they have noticed new hair growth after using this product in just a few weeks. However, many of the reviewers say they also use other treatment methods such as hair regrowth shampoo and vitamins.

Those who left more negative reviews state that the cap is not comfortable to wear and they still notice an increase in hair loss.

Price: The iRestore Essential cost $695.

Read more about iRestore here.

Best for a laser comb: HairMax Ultima 12 LaserComb

This wireless and lightweight comb contains 12 laser diodes and has a timer display. People can move the comb to target specific areas of the scalp or as a full head treatment.

HairMax offers a two-year warranty on this device.

Pros and cons

Those who left positive reviews on the website stated that they noticed more hair growth on the sides of their heads after a few months. However, some reviewers also say they used a combination of laser and other therapies and were unsure how much of the growth was directly a result of the laser.

More negative reviews report that they did not notice any difference in their hair after using the product. Some reviewers state that they have noticed increased hair loss.

Price: The HairMax Ultima 12 Laser Comb costs $399.

Best for versatility in style: CapillusOne

This laser cap contains 112 medical grade laser diodes. People can detach the laser dome and place it on top of other hats or caps for added style versatility.

The company states that individuals can see results with just six minutes of daily use. In addition, the laser dome contains sensors that turn off the lasers until the subjects place the hood on their heads to prevent eye damage.

The BBB gives Curralux, the company that makes Capillus products, a B grade. However, the BBB also warns that the company is making baseless advertising claims. Reviewers on Trustpilot give the company an average of 4 out of 5 stars.

Capillus offers a one-year warranty and a 6-month satisfaction guarantee on this device.

Pros and cons

Those who left positive reviews on Capillus’s Trustpilot page state that they’ve noticed an increase in hair thickness after using the company’s devices. In addition, some customers report that they experience less hair loss when combing their hair.

However, those who left negative reviews stated that they did not notice any difference in their hair after using this product. Some people noticed increased hair loss.

Price: The CapillusOne costs $1099.

Read more about Capillus here.

Best for a Long Warranty: Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap

This cap has 272 laser diodes, a rechargeable battery pack and a baseball cap that houses the diodes.

The company states that it designed this product to sit higher on the scalp than other laser products to ensure it covers the most common areas of hair loss.

Illumiflow doesn’t seem to have a BBB or Trustpilot page.

The company offers a 5-year warranty, which Illumiflow claims is the best in the industry.

Pros and cons

All five reviews on the company’s website are positive, with customers reporting that their hair feels thicker and stronger after using this product.

However, the company does not seem to have a BBB or Trustpilot page and has no reviews below 5 stars on its own website.

Price: The Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap costs $999.

The following table compares the laser hair growth products in this article.

People who are concerned about hair loss should consult a health care professional, such as a dermatologist. Healthcare professionals can identify the type of hair loss a person is experiencing and whether the hair will grow back on its own or require treatment.

While dermatologists can’t treat every type of alopecia, they may be able to prevent further hair loss. Healthcare professionals may recommend various treatments, such as minoxidil, finasteride, corticosteroids, and platelet-rich plasma.

Here we answer some frequently asked questions about laser hair growth treatments.

How long does a laser hair growth treatment take?

Currently, no studies examine how long a laser treatment for hair regrowth lasts.

However, studies show that low-level laser therapy benefits hair growth after about 16 weeks of treatment.

Is laser hair growth permanent?

No, laser hair growth is not permanent.

If a person stops using a laser hair growth product, their hair will become thinner over time.

Do laser combs work for hair growth?

Laser combs can improve hair thickness and density.

However, there is a lack of double-blind independent research on the effects of laser combing on hair growth.

Low-level laser therapy can help improve hair growth and thickness in people with male or female pattern hair loss. There are several products available to buy online that are FDA approved.

However, laser treatment for hair growth does not work for everyone. A person should contact a dermatologist to discuss the best treatment methods for their conditions.

6 of the best laser products for hair growth

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