5 tips to prevent and treat itching

Winter eczema on the hands is usually a skin condition in which the top layer of your skin itches, flakes and becomes dry. Sometimes this skin condition can be so itchy that you even have trouble sleeping.

The symptoms of winter eczema on the hands are intense itching, scaly and dry patches, raised and small bumps on the hands, peeling skin, dry and cracked hands and sensitive skin. Eczema usually worsens in the winter due to indoor heating systems and dry air. The flare-ups can even be caused by the increased layers of clothing and bed covers, along with taking increasingly hot baths.

In this article, we will thoroughly understand the details about winter eczema on hands and symptoms along with tips that can help treat and prevent this condition.

What is winter eczema?

Application of thick moisturizers (Image via Pexels/Moose Photos)Hot baths dry out your skin (Image via SCL Health)A humidifier can help keep the air moist (Image via healthgrades)

5. Natural remedies for eczema

There are also some natural remedies for winter eczema on hands that can provide relief, such as applying sunflower or coconut oil to the skin, massaging your skin, incorporating probiotics, and more. You can also make your diet eczema-friendly, as certain foods such as eggs, shellfish, and milk can further exacerbate your symptoms.

Eczema causes itching and pain (Image via Pexels/Rodnae Productions)

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5 tips to prevent and treat itching

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